Weekly Photo Challenge:Nighttime

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DSC_0200 copy




Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

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Getting to higher ground to better to see another mountain. to see another mountain. DSC_0961 copy

This is the perspective of the higher mountain. How high was he see for yourself.

DSC_0960 copy

This was just a ride one day to see some of the area outside of all the glitter of Las Vegas. WE had a great time and finishing it off with a nice dinner at one of the restaurant in  Vegas, then head to the slot machines. It doesn’t  get any better than that.

This was just a ride one day to see some of the area outside of all the glitter of Las Vegas. WE had a great time and finishing it off with a nice dinner at one of the restaurant in  Vegas, then head to the slot machines. It doesn’t  get any better than that

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual Point Of View 2

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I’ve always like this picture of my dog. He is sitting in his chair watching every thing going on and I stuck my head out the window and called his name and he looked up. Click

To shoot Las Vegas at night is magical. This was just an ordinary street scene but what stuck out to me was the district sign and the martini glass. This is what I finally came up with.

When I was photographing down town Las Vegas all the neon lights were dazzling and exciting to photograph but I wanted something different. So I blurred the lights and came up with this. I liked it because all the colors kind of blended together.I call it “ Sin City Out Of Focus”

Weekly Photo Challenge:Illumination

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I had some super large Christmas Trees all lit up with hundreds and hundreds of bulbs, that I shot down at Cypress Gardens a few years ago. I have so many photos that I could not find them in time.

I decided to use these photos instead. I know I’m a little late but I haven’t been well for a few weeks. I hope y’all will forgive me.DSCN0108


This is new photo art.  This picture could never be duplicated.  I can’t think of anyplace prettier and more illuminated than LAS vegasDSCN0104

Adventures with a Red Wing Black Bird

My wife and I spent a week at the Hollywood Casino RV Park in Tunica, Mississippi several years ago. We went there to relax and spend some time in the casino.
The park is clean and well manicured, it is a pleasure to stay there. There is lots of area to walk my dog. There is also a large field that I usually take my dog out there and let him run.
The second morning that we were there, about 6:00 AM I hear a tapping noise that woke me up . I looked all around the motor home for what was making that noise, never could find it. The next morning at 6:00 AM, tap tap, tap tap, again the tapping noise woke me, again I looked for what was making that noise. The third morning was a repeat of the other two, only this time I pulled up the shades and looked out the window, low and behold  there was a red wing black bird tapping on the window.

DSC00017 copy

DSC00010 copy

Are windows are tinted so that we can see out but you can’t see in. The bird never saw me standing just inside watching him.
I thought that if I put something out there that was moving it would drive him away.  I had a straw hat that I tied to the awning strap, thinking with the wind blowing that would sway back and forth scare him away.

You can see that it didn’t scare him one bit. He sat out there for quite awhile and I stood inside and watched him,took pictures.

DSC00011 copy

DSC00009 copy

The hat trick didn’t work out very well, the bird just hung there on the hat for a long time. Then I realized the son-of-a-gun Left Me A Deposit in my hat. That’s when I opened the window and scared him off, “Get out of here you dirty bird”!!, I shouted. Off he went ,I never got woken by him again. Of course I had to clean out my hat.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Urban

I never really got into street photography were we lived. I did a few trips to down town Los Angeles to photograph different parts of down town, unfortunately it was 35mm and their in a container sitting in storage. I can’t get my hands on them right now.

We haven’t lived there since May 1997. We been living in our motor homes and traveling around the country.

One city that we have spent a lot of time in is Las Vegas, being only 288 miles from home, why not! It was a lot of fun and always had a good time, never got bored and there never was shortage of good food.

Here is a few photos that I have taken of down town Las Vegas .It was renovated a few years ago to bring more customers to the down town area.


Several streets were closed off for the renovation.


Casinos with there top entertainment and games of chance, that they have to offer are plentyful.

Then there is the laser light show, that always attracts a large crowd.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple


This is a couple of photos from the laser light show in down town Las Vegas. Years ago Las Vegas blocked off a few blocks, then installed this curved cover over the streets. They put in laser lights system to entertain the public and to bring more business to down town. The show is great.

Down town has several very good casinos. My wife and I would go down town to the Golden Nugget to play the slots and stay for their early breakfast specials that started after 11:00 pm. It was New York strip steak and eggs, hash browns and coffee for $1.95.

We got married in Vegas. We just couldn’t get the flying Elvis’s to join are wedding party.



On The Road Again

January of 1994 we lost our townhouse in the Northridge earthquake. Epicenter was just a mile or so from  were we lived. We were asleep but not after being shaken out of our beds and  half scared out of our wits. Glass was breaking down stairs in the kitchen and the walls seem to be fluctuating.

About a mile and a half from were we lived a three story apartment building collapsed.

Unfortunately we had not bought our first motor home until after the earth quake.  We sure could have used it back then. Instead we stayed in a hotel for a few weeks until the power and the gas and the water was turned back on.  I remember standing in line just to get some bottled water. We lost everything in the refrigerator and the freezer..

My wife worked four ten hour days and was off Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Back to work on Monday. Thursday mornings I would take our motor home and towed our Chevy S10 down to the beach in Ventura, find a camping site and pay for the weekend. Then drove back home in the S10 with our little dog. Thursday after Nancy would get off work we would put anything else we wanted to take down to the beach and load the dog and head for the beach. Friday we would wake up to the sound of the crashing of waves on the rocks. Our motor home was only a few feet from the rocks that lead down to the ocean. We did this almost three weekends out of the month,every month. In the winter we liked to go there even if we had to stay inside because it was cold and watch movies or read. I was already retired, just hadn’t started collecting my pension yet. It still was a wonderful time in our lives.

The one picture that best describes how gorgeous it was, is when Nancy’s Mom came to  visit around Thanksgiving and we cooked dinner at the beach. Could this be any better!

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner @ the Beach  With Mamma Ventura,CA '94 copy        Mamma Thanksgiving '94 Ventura,Ca

This is Betty (Nancy’s Mom) and me.                   Betty enjoying the day

.   We have been living in our motor home for the most part since1997.  We would be on the road 8 to 10 months out of the year. By the way Nancy quit work in January 1997. We get to hit the road when ever we want. We spend summers mostly in San Diego,CA or up along the Oregon coast and the winters in Savannah,GA.

When traveling across the states we often stay over night in Wal-Mart parking lots. Our grand daughter wanted to stay in the motor home over night while at a Wal-Mart. Seems she wanted to tell her friends she slept in Wal-Mart parking lot. She thought that was hotter than popcorn especially the part were she could use the bathroom while in the parking lot. Some of the silliest things make kids happy. I wish all of us adults could remember how to see life through a child’s eyes.

We also stay over night or longer in casino parking lots. Nancy would say we can stay over night at the casino and save money.  We stayed but have never been able to save any money staying in their parking lots.

We have a forty foot diesel pusher motor home and we love it. We usually drive back and forth across the United States every year,since ‘96. We have made many friends over the years and some have become our adopted family. In fact almost closer than our immediate family.  We have some friends that every time we hit the road we call them and start singing the Willie Nelson’s song “On The Road Again”

Isn’t life beautiful!!

It doesn’t get much better than this!

What do you think?