Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Posta Week

If you lived in New Port Oregon you would get to see this every day. That would cheer me up for sure.  The weather is ideal, at least in the summer time, I’ve never been there in the winter.

DSC00177 copy 3

Can you just imagine looking out at the Pacific Ocean sitting at your kitchen table with a cup of coffee while your waking up.

DSC00182 copy

How about walking along the beach in San Diego and watching the sun – set fire to the evening sky.while the warm breeze blows across your face. This is what it would look like.

DSC_0488 copy 2

If none of the other pictures enticed you maybe you would rather sit on the beach with family or friends around a camp fire and roast marshmallows. Watching the sun go down.

DSC_0556 copy

I have to say I have done all of the above except the second one. I did sit on a bench over looking that same place drinking a cup of coffee.  Enjoy life it is to short.

Travel With Intent–Look Up And Down Challenge–Week One

Sea Gull 1 001 copy

When my wife and I got our first motor home, we would spent just about three weekend a month down by the ocean. My wife would work four days a week and ten hours a day 4/10’s. I would take the motor home down to the beach  on Thursday morning and park it, then come back home. When she would get off of work we would loads up the dogs and us ,plus what ever else we needed – head for the beach. We would stay until Sunday afternoon then head for home ,which was only 45 miles away. We would do that almost three out of four week ends a month.  We would love to watch the dolphins putting on a show for us or everyone else that was watching. The pelicans always fascinated me because they would always fly in formation. I would wonder how they came to the decision to who would lead the flock. The sea gulls would fly back and forth depending if someone was feeding them. They weren’t as much fun to watch as the pelicans or the dolphins. A couple of times we would saw a whale come by but he would be so far out that mainly all we could see was him spouting water. I don’t blame him, I spit that salty water out too.

Pelicans 1 002 copy

I just loaded the parrot in for the look down part of this challenge and because he’s sharp in all of his grandeur.

Pariots 1 001 copy

Travel Theme : Architecture

I believe this was in Salt Lake, Utah.

Salt Lake 1 002 copy 2

This is a church in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah 1 004 copy

This was the Civil War, Confederate Powder works,  gun powder factory in Augusta, Georgia.  It was built in 1861/62, after the war it was dismantled. The obelisk, chimney, was left standing as a monument to the Confederacy. The city of Augusta gave custody of the chimney to the Confederate Survivors Association.

DSC_2675 copy

In 1880 Sibley Cotton Mill was built on the same site as the powder works using most of the bricks from the powder works. It was one of the most successful cotton mills which operated up till closing in 2006

DSC_2680 copy


DSC_2672 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


Enjoying a cup of coffee and the view.

DSC_2621 copy

Everyone just getting in the water without a worry in the world.

DSC_3461 copy 2

I love this photo of my granddaughter swimming with the dolphin thinking this is the coolest thing ever. This was on her 11th birthday, she calls her million dollar birthday. If you haven’t noticed , I love my Granddaughter.


A Word A Week Challenge–Herd

A Word In Your Ear  Challenge

We were in Cheyenne, Wyoming awhile back for about a month. Nice place to spent some time, from there many places and thing to do are easy to get to from there.

One day I went to office depot to get something, I don’t even remember what it was. When I came out of the store there was a herd of goats on this little hill right next to a very busy road. I got my camera out and started shooting. Then I got to worrying what if they get out in the road. My heart stared racing as I was moving closer to the road . I was thinking maybe I could just shoo them back so they wouldn’t get ran over and killed. I kept shooting and running towards them. What I notice or appeared that there was no fence between the goats and the road. This made my heart almost pound out of my chest. I had to watch for traffic for my own safety. When I finally got over there I was out of breath. But I got it all on photos.

DSC00287 copy

DSC00288 copy

DSC00289 copy

DSC00290 copy

When I reached the other side of the road I realized that I was more worried than the goats where.

This picture explains why the goats didn’t seemed bothered. You can see by the blurriness that I was out of breath and couldn’t hold the camera still. Thank God nobody got hurt in this drama.

DSC00292 copy


Boat Races

Saturday our grandson and a few of his friends came up to our place to go watch the boat races. The races did not start on time. We later found out it was an out law race. It was an unsanctioned race yet the people that organized it wanted all the racers to pay $ 75.00 dollars entry fee . That was voted down by the majority, the races never really got off the water [ground so to speak].  There were a few boats that blew off a little steam and they were great .


The reason I’m writing this post is because of the photography.  When you go along on an outing like this you take your camera and take lots of pictures. The photos are usually not that significant, they are just good to look at and have memories. Once in awhile one of the photos speaks for it’s self.   I’m going to show a few of those pictures.

That is some rooster tail.

DSC_3438 copy

That’s are grandson and one of his buddy’s .

DSC_3434 copy

From this photo you can see everyone is enjoying themselves.

DSC_3461 copy

The next picture speaks for it self. I don’t have to say a single word about it.


DSC_3494 copy

That is a moment in time that I always talk about that probably will never be duplicated again.

We all had a good time even if the races never got started. Hope you enjoy the photos.