Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Posta Week

If you lived in New Port Oregon you would get to see this every day. That would cheer me up for sure.  The weather is ideal, at least in the summer time, I’ve never been there in the winter.

DSC00177 copy 3

Can you just imagine looking out at the Pacific Ocean sitting at your kitchen table with a cup of coffee while your waking up.

DSC00182 copy

How about walking along the beach in San Diego and watching the sun – set fire to the evening sky.while the warm breeze blows across your face. This is what it would look like.

DSC_0488 copy 2

If none of the other pictures enticed you maybe you would rather sit on the beach with family or friends around a camp fire and roast marshmallows. Watching the sun go down.

DSC_0556 copy

I have to say I have done all of the above except the second one. I did sit on a bench over looking that same place drinking a cup of coffee.  Enjoy life it is to short.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Near and Far


I love these challenges, it allows me the look at my photos differently. I never really thought of a lot of my photos from a different perspective as to what they could mean to different  words. So I’m having a lot of fun with these challenges. I find them provoking and of course “challenging”.

This is a photo I took in New Port,Oregon. Really clean neat town with some rolling hills,just enough to make it interesting and photographable.

DSC00177 copy

It flows right down this hill into the ocean, maybe I should rephrase that, down the hill TO the ocean. I found that there was plenty to see and photograph here in New Port.

DSC00184 copy

This picture was a fluke. We weren’t even suppose to be here. We stopped in Cheyenne, WY for a short lay over before we went on to Yellowstone National Park. we never made it to the park because of motor home problems and had to return to Cheyenne, where we ended up staying for two more weeks.  That gave us a chance to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.  Let me say the North America has some gorgeous National Parks. My wife and I have had the good fortune to see several of them.

This is Thomson River Gorge going to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

Thomson River Gourge 2

This is a pearl of a beach, I have spent many days in this area. We have camped down at the Strand State Beach in Coronado,CA a few weeks at a time. One time when we were there it was Thanksgiving and we fried a couple of turkeys. My friend’s wife came out of her 5th wheel with a knife,a jar of mayo and a bag of rolls. We sliced up some of that hot turkey and made sandwiches that here out of this world.

 DSC_0488 copy