Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


The photographs that popped up in my mind was some that I took in Cheyenne , WY.
We just stopped over for a day or two and stayed for a month. While we were there they held a state pumpkin competition. We saw an article in the local paper and decided to go and watch. You could feel the compassion and the sense of community in the air. It was fun to see all these huge pumpkins that only have a 90 day growing season.
I decided I wouldn’t want to go on a pumpkin diet.

This people brought a couple of pumpkins and there daughters. The girls seem very happy and enjoying the weigh in.DSC00374 copy

These guys are all competitors and everyone was jumping in the help each other with there measuring and weighing.

DSC00404 copy

This grandpa and his granddaughters were real proud of there pumpkin that weighed in about 500 pounds.

DSC00406 copy 2

All these people are waiting to have there pumpkin weighed. This was just a small part of the crowd that was there.

DSC00393 copy 2

The guy on the right in the gray shirt took the championship.

DSC00421 copy

This was the champion!

DSC00419 copy

We had a good time and stayed for the whole show.

There is one other picture of community that I want to show and that is this little boys community of his stuffed characters that he so proudly displayed for me.

DSC_1937 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns


Cheyenne, Wyoming.

DSC00277 copy

This is a  toad stool that popped up in the yard and wanted to be noticed. I liked it because of the lines an pattern.

DSC_2155 copy 2

This is lines of steel and the pattern is the effects of Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi, Mississippi. This was taken 18 months after the storm.

DSC_0732 copy

Week Photo Challenge: Unusual Point Of View

Post a Week

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon 001 copy

I don’t know if this person is renting by the minute or by the hour

Rent -A Beench 001 copy

Air Head

DSC_3494 copy

Horses on the Roof

Horses on roof Cheyenne,Wy copy

These are my interpretations of point of view and most of them are unusual.

A Word A Week Challenge–Herd

A Word In Your Ear  Challenge

We were in Cheyenne, Wyoming awhile back for about a month. Nice place to spent some time, from there many places and thing to do are easy to get to from there.

One day I went to office depot to get something, I don’t even remember what it was. When I came out of the store there was a herd of goats on this little hill right next to a very busy road. I got my camera out and started shooting. Then I got to worrying what if they get out in the road. My heart stared racing as I was moving closer to the road . I was thinking maybe I could just shoo them back so they wouldn’t get ran over and killed. I kept shooting and running towards them. What I notice or appeared that there was no fence between the goats and the road. This made my heart almost pound out of my chest. I had to watch for traffic for my own safety. When I finally got over there I was out of breath. But I got it all on photos.

DSC00287 copy

DSC00288 copy

DSC00289 copy

DSC00290 copy

When I reached the other side of the road I realized that I was more worried than the goats where.

This picture explains why the goats didn’t seemed bothered. You can see by the blurriness that I was out of breath and couldn’t hold the camera still. Thank God nobody got hurt in this drama.

DSC00292 copy


A Word A Week: Metallic

This is a photo that I took several years ago . While on the road we decided to stop at the   Cabelas Sport Goods Store in Kearney,Nebraska. I had heard of this store and always wanted to visit one. I was in such an excited state by time we arrived that my camera was buzzing like an amateur hornets nest. Threw out most of all that I learned in photo classes and started clicking away. Shortly after going into the store I regained my senses and began photographing like I knew what I was doing. The store was huge with plenty of photographic possibilities, which I took advantage of.

The fighting elks statue at the front of the store was the first think I saw and photographed.

DSC00435 copy

This stunning horse and cowboy was in front of the capital building in Cheyenne,WY. Cheyenne is a beautiful city, We had a great time exploring while we were there. We went there the visit the Elks Lodge because I heard that it was very old, being an Elks Member I wanted to see it. We spent close to 4 weeks in Cheyenne.  Visited The Rocky Mountain National Park, Laramie,WY and Wyoming state pumpkin weigh in competition. If I knew ahead a time I was going to take this picture I would have brought my pressure washer and tidied up this horse and ryder.

DSC00285 copy

We came across Abe in a rest area or tourist area. We were on our way back from Laramie going to our motor home in Cheyenne,WY, but I don’t exactly remember were. I do remember that my Dog didn’t like him and wouldn’t stop barking. We tried to show him it was  okay but he still barked.

DSC00300 copy