Breast Awareness: Augusta,Georgia 2013

Post on Breast Awareness

I’m not so smart when comes to computers. I do my best but sometimes I make mistakes. Awhile ago I saw that my allowable storage space at word press was getting close to the maximum amount. So I began deleting Photos  in my Media file. It turned out that I had deleted somewhere near a years Post. I tried to go back and restore them but it became very difficult, So I just let it go and continued on. I’m bringing this up because there was one post I felt was important. Which I will redo today. It is on Breast awareness and I just wanted everyone to see that Augusta,GA is aware of it also.

Here is a couple of photos that I took downtown Augusta, Georgia. to bring attention to breast awareness. They have several fountains in town that they turned to PINK. I had the good fortune to pass them along to y’all.

DSC_2805 copy 2

DSC_2803 copy

DSC_2804 copy 2

DSC_2815 copy

It would be nice if no one would ever get cancer. That is not reality.

I have since learned to put my photos through photo shop so that they are not so big ( mb)!

God Bless All.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Posta Week

I have been fortunate to be in many places when it was breakfast time. Here my wife and, I’m taking the pictures, I are having a cup of coffee sitting by our little fire place looking  out on Lake Sinclair ,GA. Enjoying the coolness of the morning and the scenery, while watching the boats go by.

DSC_2621 copy

We were at Medina Lake ,TX having breakfast in our motor home when we looked out the window and saw all these deer. WE went out – I took this picture and several more. My wife started walking closer and closer, they almost would eat out of her hand. There were many more then just the few I have in this picture.

Normally I have bacon and egg over easy. These haven’t been flipped over yet. I don’t normally take pictures of my food or drink. But I did have these two.

Can’t get by with out a cup of coffee or two in the morning.

DSC_1799 copy

Good Morning to y’all.


DSC_3049 copy

This mistake is easy to fix – just rotate the photo 90 degrees. The biggest Problem is that it is boring. It really is a 6 foot BBQ and a very nice grill at that. Just has no pizzazz.

DSC_2610 copy

Here’s a mistake because I didn’t pay attention to what was in the foreground. I needed to move so that the satellite dish was not in the picture.

DSC_2710 copy

This a common mistake , Not keeping objects in are pictures perpendicular or horizontal. In all the years that I have shooting photos I still make this mistake.  Especially with horizons, pictures look so much better when they are straight.

One thing that I was taught in Photo school good photographers never show there mistakes . They trash them.