Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated


DSC_1158 copy

I love the vivid colors of this boat. That’s what caught my eye and my camera’s eye. sunset black 001 copy

This sunset has a lot of color yet the earth is almost black. I felt this was a good saturation of colors.

English Phone Booth 001 copy

The old English Phone Booth was in Arizona next to the London Bridge on the Colorado River. Interesting place with a lot of boaters and swimmers in the water with food places galore.

Silk Flowers 001 copy

These silk flowers were at a booth on Alvera Street in Los Angeles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns


Cheyenne, Wyoming.

DSC00277 copy

This is a  toad stool that popped up in the yard and wanted to be noticed. I liked it because of the lines an pattern.

DSC_2155 copy 2

This is lines of steel and the pattern is the effects of Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi, Mississippi. This was taken 18 months after the storm.

DSC_0732 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual Point Of View 2

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I’ve always like this picture of my dog. He is sitting in his chair watching every thing going on and I stuck my head out the window and called his name and he looked up. Click

To shoot Las Vegas at night is magical. This was just an ordinary street scene but what stuck out to me was the district sign and the martini glass. This is what I finally came up with.

When I was photographing down town Las Vegas all the neon lights were dazzling and exciting to photograph but I wanted something different. So I blurred the lights and came up with this. I liked it because all the colors kind of blended together.I call it “ Sin City Out Of Focus”

Week Photo Challenge: Unusual Point Of View

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Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon 001 copy

I don’t know if this person is renting by the minute or by the hour

Rent -A Beench 001 copy

Air Head

DSC_3494 copy

Horses on the Roof

Horses on roof Cheyenne,Wy copy

These are my interpretations of point of view and most of them are unusual.