Adventures with a Red Wing Black Bird

My wife and I spent a week at the Hollywood Casino RV Park in Tunica, Mississippi several years ago. We went there to relax and spend some time in the casino.
The park is clean and well manicured, it is a pleasure to stay there. There is lots of area to walk my dog. There is also a large field that I usually take my dog out there and let him run.
The second morning that we were there, about 6:00 AM I hear a tapping noise that woke me up . I looked all around the motor home for what was making that noise, never could find it. The next morning at 6:00 AM, tap tap, tap tap, again the tapping noise woke me, again I looked for what was making that noise. The third morning was a repeat of the other two, only this time I pulled up the shades and looked out the window, low and behold  there was a red wing black bird tapping on the window.

DSC00017 copy

DSC00010 copy

Are windows are tinted so that we can see out but you can’t see in. The bird never saw me standing just inside watching him.
I thought that if I put something out there that was moving it would drive him away.  I had a straw hat that I tied to the awning strap, thinking with the wind blowing that would sway back and forth scare him away.

You can see that it didn’t scare him one bit. He sat out there for quite awhile and I stood inside and watched him,took pictures.

DSC00011 copy

DSC00009 copy

The hat trick didn’t work out very well, the bird just hung there on the hat for a long time. Then I realized the son-of-a-gun Left Me A Deposit in my hat. That’s when I opened the window and scared him off, “Get out of here you dirty bird”!!, I shouted. Off he went ,I never got woken by him again. Of course I had to clean out my hat.


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