Cee’s Foto Challenge: Circles and Curves

I tried and tried to get this peacock to get perpendicular to me. He just didn’t want to       cooperate. I real believe he was showing his best side.

When this challenge from Cee came up, what better place the show the peacock’s feathers, With all it’s circles and curves.

The perch with this bird on it, I liked the curves and the color of the bird.

 The water way has a great feel and flow about it

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands


I have several hand photos.



Grand daughter, Taking a picture of me while I’m taking a picture of her.


Trainer riding killer whale, Look Ma! No hands!

DSC_1177 copy

Sky Ride, Wife & Granddaughters on Sky ride. Soon to be upside down going through the loops while hands in the air. Did I mention Screaming!!

DSC_1145 copy

Grand Daughters, Looking from inside the aquarium.


A young lady taking pictures of the killer whale show.