Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says


This is a sign that caught our eye while driving in New Orleans. WE laughed wondering if we did stop we would get a ticket or if we didn’t stop we would get a ticket. We took our chance and stopped.

No stopping  sign in New Orleans copy

This sign wasn’t clear if the arrow was pointing to the RV Park or the doggie potty land  Having traveled in our RV for many years we know that it was just as important to know were the doggies place was in the park. This is only sign we ever ran across that let you know right off the bat were we had to walk our dog.


It is important that everyone knows that this is a duck crossing area. Just across the street is the Augusta,GA Green Jackets Baseball Park and signs saying Mercedes Benz parking only. I thought to my self – WOW these ducks have clout.

When Sunday morning my wife and I and  some friends went to the flea market in
San Diego when I saw this sign. I had to have a picture of this. When I was
taken the picture the man came walking towards me telling me, NO Pictures. To
late I already took it.This sign made me laugh because it is so true that it is funny. Today kids have it so made that they don’t know how good they have it.

Last Red Maple Leaf of Autumn

Red Maple Leaf! The last red leaf of Autumn in Olmstead Park.

DSC_2962 copy


Olmstead Park Augusta,Georgia


Have no fear that everything is going to be brown or dismally drab and non colorful. Not true because Mother Nature provides a replacement for the colorful leaves on the trees. With a holly tree full of red bears.  Beautifully green leaves with all the bright red berries that sparks up the park for all to enjoy.

DSC_2939 copy

Then there is the beautiful white rose shaped tea camellias, that are growing on several trees in the park.

DSC_2938 copy

Did I mention that with all of this beauty there is a small lake, with several ducks to feed along the shoreline. My motor home is sitting across the street where we can see the park and walk our dogs.

Only 26 more days of escrow before we move in our home up on the lake. We have our own Dock where we can park a boat and go fishing everyday.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


I was at an art gallery and saw a framed photo similar to this. I inquired the where about is this area and they told me approximately were it was. Fifteen or so miles south and 9 miles west on a dirt road,I didn’t think I’d ever find it. It was worth the drive because the area was gorgeous. I have pictures to show for it.

I haven’t figured out what I was going to do with this photo, because of the ducks. With this weeks challenge it works for me. What could be more freer than some wild ducks?

DSC_0078 copy

Most of the time when you see a peacock in an area it is to be, like a watch dog. They are allowed to roam free to keep watch or they’re just for show. They sure can be noisy and vicious.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close


This is a neat challenge, most of us are going to have to show some restraint. I’m sure most of us have a stack of photos that would fit in this category.

Tony Stewart pit crew NASCAR

007_4A copy

This was a little scare getting this close.

Crocodile up close and personal.

up close and personal

I just like this photo. “Bird of Paradise”

DSC_0456 copy

I call this the Gathering

Ducks copy

My wife and I  bought a loaf of bread to feed these guys.

It didn’t take long for the loaf to be eaten .

Hunger Game

Nancy & Ducks copy

I have many more that I’d like to post, but? Enjoy,  Jim “mhdriver”