Weekly Photo Challenge:Silhouette

PostaWeeek/PostaDay                                                  8/15/2014

Silhouette of rock formations in the canyon.

DSC_1456 copy22

If you look in the lower right hand corner, I believe that is me but not really sure because I know that when the sun drops lower in the west shadows become longer.  I can say that if that isn’t my Silhouette than it most be someone else’s.

DSC_1469 copy

Silhouette of the trees and bushes on this peaceful  water. With a small waterfalls and mountains in the background. Doesn’t get more calming and peaceful than this.

DSC_0071 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge:Zigzag

PostaWeek/PostaDay                                          Aug 1, 2014


You need to be careful how far you zig or zag on this road.


As near as I can find out some of these trails go a mile down in the canyon – that is 5280ft down remember that is 5280 ft. back up. It is all hiking so be fit. when I was there I calculated the distance divided by my age – I got down 5 ft. and back up. My mind says lets do it and my body says your crazy.

DSC_0097 copy

In this picture you can see people coming back up the trail.

DSC_0096 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge:On Top

Post a Week                                                                    4/18/2014

I young man sitting on a rock ledge checking out the view of the Grand Canyon. The best seat in the canyon.A Seat With AView 1

Here are two people sitting in the best two people seat in the Grand Canyon checking out the view from their vantage point. Wait a minute that is what I said in the above picture. The truth is that I know photos have more character when there is people in the photograph. I never would have thought I would see anyone sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon but to see the same thing twice in one day blew me away.

I shot a waterfalls in Maui several years ago ,when I was barely starting photography, I entered it into the Los Angeles County Fair and it got an honorable mention. I was told by my instructor that if I had had a person in the photo it would have taken first place in not the Grand Champion. I never forgot that!

Two Brave Souls 2

My wife and I went to watch our granddaughter do her competition cheer. This is not her group – I had trouble with my camera.

DSC_2540 copy

This young lady got to swim and play with the whales. She’s on top of the world  and loves her job.

DSC_1185 copy

I love this photo with two old buzzards sitting on top of a chimney.

DSC_3080 copy B

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated


DSC_1158 copy

I love the vivid colors of this boat. That’s what caught my eye and my camera’s eye. sunset black 001 copy

This sunset has a lot of color yet the earth is almost black. I felt this was a good saturation of colors.

English Phone Booth 001 copy

The old English Phone Booth was in Arizona next to the London Bridge on the Colorado River. Interesting place with a lot of boaters and swimmers in the water with food places galore.

Silk Flowers 001 copy

These silk flowers were at a booth on Alvera Street in Los Angeles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves



I was thinking of posting a picture of the Golden Arches of McDonalds, Lord knows that I have been there enough times. Then I thought about Bridges with there magnificent cures or how about roads that I have driven over with our motor home, with some of them so curvy that I thought the back end of the motor home was catching up with the front. I thought any of those photos would be great, but I have decided to post photos of natural curves, ones that nature made.

The first one of course is the Grand Canyon with a tree that gave me a natural curvature and framed of the Grand Canyon. What a beautiful view!


This photo was taken in Lassen National Park with the natural curvature of the stream with beautiful green grass and tree lined pasture, the mountains in the back ground with snow on them. I feel that this is another great photo depicting  the natural curvature in nature.

Lassen Nat Park copy

I have another photo similar to this photo that I took in Maui that I entered in Las Angeles County Fair that Won a Gold Medal. I’ll have to see if I can find it and put on my blog some time. Here we have two curves, one is the curvature of the mountain and the other in the curvature of the rainbow ,with the sugar cane in the fore ground. 

Maui Rainbow 1 001 copy

I don’t have a clue were I took this picture and don’t even like spiders. This spider was very cooperative, I know that because he/she didn’t bite me. I took this picture because I like the way the web looked with all the intersections, the curvature of the web. I’m posting it because I have never posted it anywhere before and couldn’t find a better place or theme to use it.

Spider 001 copy

These are my entry’s  for this challenge of curves.