Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture


These photos are a couple different cultures.


Nancy & Brit 001 copy

Nancy & Brit

The British are coming 001 copy

The British are coming.

Outdoor Cantina in Mexico

Having a couple Margaritas

Yosemite National Park: Rare and Awesome Photos

This morning I booted up and saw this on Yahoo.com  I thought to my self these photos are unbelievably great and I instantly thought of all of the people that I communicate with on this blog that are interested in Photography may want to see these.

This photographer waited along time for these photos knowing that a storm was coming.

I’ve been to this park and camped a couple of times and it is beautiful even without a storm. The mountains that surround you are breath taking and the valley is gorgeous.

Yosemite Rainbow Lightning


Rare sighting captured at Yosemite

This is the spectacular moment a photographer struck gold – by capturing a bolt of lightning cracking through a rainbow in a freak weather display. The one-of-a-kind sighting was captured by Californian photographer Nolan Nitschke, 27, while on a trip to Yosemite National Park.

After spending hours painstakingly trying for the perfect shot he finally hit the jackpot as the bright lightning crashed through the colourful rainbow lighting up the dark sky. (Nolan Nitschke/ Caters News)

This is an excerpt from yahoo that I read this morning. Go to Yahoo  to see the rest of the photographs. The url is below.


Spring is Here at Our House: Lucky Day and Flowers

This is my lucky clover patch. If you look to the center you will see a four leaf clover.This a cropped photo.

DSC_3225 copy

This a brand new photo, below, with another four leaf clover. I have already picked about five of them in the past few days. On the first day that I found one, a four leaf clover, we went into town to Costco and received over a $100.00 refund on a mattress set that we bought. When we got home there there was a check in the mail for a refund for over payment on our mortgage. So I felt it was a pretty lucky day..

DSC_3226 copy

Wisteria in our back yard. I went out yesterday and they were beautiful, today they almost all gone. Sometimes mother nature gives you a flash of the beauty  of is out in thee world. Being so close to the forest we get to see many things that are beautiful

DSC_3227 copy


Azalea in our front yard supporting the honey gathers and pollinators active keeping them slim and trim.

Bumble bee working the pollen out of these flowers.

DSC_3245 copy

Then there is the butterfly gorging him/her self on the pollen also.

DSC_3240 copy

I thought what if they worked to gather as a team, they could get more done. Team Work

It has been a tough job but I got them to work side by side. I have to say their doing a super job. Now if I can get my garden planted, Then I could relax and go fishing.

DSC_3244 copy

DSC_3246 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: UP

PostaDay/Post a Week

This a neat assignment because I use to always look down. Then things started looking up. So this a few photos, out of many  that I took when I was looking up. I hope everything is looking up for you.

DSC_1146 copy

DSC_1185 copy

I walked outside this evening in December and there where hundreds of bird out there flying around and seems like all of them were screeching,I took several photos. It was scary out there, all the time I was photographing I was thinking of the Hitch Cock movie the Birds.  I sent a few of  them to Leanne Cole Photography in Australia to see what she could with them in Photo Shop. She did a fabulous job on them. I have been waiting for the right challenge to come along and this is it. Thank You Leanne.

DSC_2969 copy

There is not many things that can make you look up more then fire works on the Fourth of July or any other time.

DSC_0184 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


This was a change for me because after falling off ladders a couple of times, I’m a little nervous about height. So going up in a hot air balloon was a big change for me.

scan0007 copy

This was a change , I never have seen a horse walking on the roof of a mobile home before. We were in Cheyenne,WY . Had just gotten in about dusk on a Saturday. Got up on Sunday morning, opened up the front drapes in the motor home and there was this horse walking on the roof. Had to take a picture of this.

Horses on roof Cheyenne,Wy copy

What was a big change is moving from our house in California into our motor home. I don’t do change very well. For almost 6 months I would tell my wife how much I miss our home. I got over it and went on to live in our motor homes for the next 15 years.

This January we bought a house . Our motor home is sitting idle for now, that is we plan to take trips. I’m struggling inside of myself because I miss being on the road, in our motor home. I’m slowly adjusting by staying busy and filling our life with new things to do. Our house is bordered on the lake of 71,000 acre feet and 1200 miles of shore line. We are just beginning to get out on the lake  in the pontoon boat, cruise and fish.

DSC_3150 copy

DSC_3149 copy

DSC_3163 copy

The woods are sprinkled with dogwood trees in blossom.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Color


When I saw this challenge for color I knew exactly  what photographsI wanted to show. Unfortunately I first had to find them, I have many containers of photographs that I have  taken over the years. It turned out they where not as hard to  find after all.

I love the carousel horses. These had recently been restored so their colors are brilliant and their faces beautiful and shiny.  They look as if each one had a story about every rider that has ever climbed on, for a ride around the carousel. I know I have had many a ride aboard these majestic colorful beasts, myself.

As an adult it is wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of the children riding the carousel at Santa Monica pier in CA. I use to go there often with friends and theirs and my kids to take them to ride the carousel.

When my wife and I would fly in from Los Angeles to Savannah,GA we would take are our grandkids to the Savannah Mall so they could ride the carousel there.They would ride it over and over and over until we finally had to tell them that was enough.

Carosel horse 1 001 copy

Carosel Horse 2 001 copy

Carosel Horse 3 001 copy

Carosel Horse 4 001 copy

This my interpretation of not only color but of life.