Weekly Photo Challenge:Humanity

PostaWeek/PostaDay                                            9/14/2014

The best place to get a good cross section of humanity is an attraction area. Like Vegas. Disney World, or the interstate highways



Weekly Photo Challenge:On Top

Post a Week                                                                    4/18/2014

I young man sitting on a rock ledge checking out the view of the Grand Canyon. The best seat in the canyon.A Seat With AView 1

Here are two people sitting in the best two people seat in the Grand Canyon checking out the view from their vantage point. Wait a minute that is what I said in the above picture. The truth is that I know photos have more character when there is people in the photograph. I never would have thought I would see anyone sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon but to see the same thing twice in one day blew me away.

I shot a waterfalls in Maui several years ago ,when I was barely starting photography, I entered it into the Los Angeles County Fair and it got an honorable mention. I was told by my instructor that if I had had a person in the photo it would have taken first place in not the Grand Champion. I never forgot that!

Two Brave Souls 2

My wife and I went to watch our granddaughter do her competition cheer. This is not her group – I had trouble with my camera.

DSC_2540 copy

This young lady got to swim and play with the whales. She’s on top of the world  and loves her job.

DSC_1185 copy

I love this photo with two old buzzards sitting on top of a chimney.

DSC_3080 copy B


  We all have to start somewhere!  Why not with a weeny roast! This is the night before   I  ventured out to Sedona to shoot some pictures.

Weeny Roast

     The view from the highway driving into Sedona was gorgeous .

Going to Sedona

I couldn’t help but stop along the way and start putting my camera into action. Click, Click, Thank God, for digital cameras, although I learned photography on a manual 35mm camera.

Southwest Houses

How could I resist an antique car,especially a Bently. This was on the way to Sedona. It  is amazing when you ventue out and what you’ll see.


Ok, now on to Sedona.  I don’t know how everyone else is but i get excited when I see an area like this. Of course I’ve been to some places that I wish I hadn’t wasted my gas. But this isn’t one of those places.Click, Click!! I got in town and started walking around and looking for some good shots. There are plenty good photos here. So I get busy and start warming up my camera, this place is hot!

I start shooting pictures but I’m looking for that one photo. I stopped in a gallery and saw some really good photographs. I asked the  owner where those pictures were taken. He explained and it was several miles out of town. Turn on this dirt road to the end turn right and go to the end.This is what I got:

Sometimes we have to go a little further to get that good shot.