Weekly Photo Challenge": Color


DSC_2230   Taffy MachineDSC_2728

This a Packard La Salle ambulance, I think I’m right I938 or 39. I had it written down but I can’t remember where I put it. It’s very rare and very collectable. It was being restored to it’s original condition in a body shop in Augusta,GA on Broad street.




DSCN0772Hatch,NM   We were there for the Hatch chilies festival, this is the harvest of the chilies. Their chilies are sought-after by chefs, stores and individuals across the country. They produce the long johns/slim jims/Anaheim chilies. All of the same as far as I know. Vendors had drums with a lot of small holes in it and they would dump a whole burlap bag of the these long green chilies in the drum and start turning crank handle on the drum, with a torch blazing away began roasting the chilies. We bought a small bag of the roasted chilies- I say small by most other peoples bags and it still was 30 pounds. We put them in freezer bags , gave a lot of them to friends. It was a blast.


This one of my favorite colors.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Green


It is rare to see a fire hydrant with such contrasting colors. Fortunately for me one of the colors was Green. I was just driving to the store and it caught my eye and I had my camera with me.

DSC_2915 copy

I was driving past Lowe’s and so this scissor lift, you guest it ,it was Green.

DSC_2917 copy

Then I couldn’t miss the Green traffic light. If I had, I may have missed the red light also. Boy! That would have been an accident going somewhere to happen.


A very good old friend of mine, not that he was is that much older than me, gave me this beautiful Green Irish Derby. When this photo opt came up my first thought was Mr. Bob’s Derby. 

DSC_2924 copy

Several years ago we met up with some friends at a motor home rally. We celebrated St Patrick’s Day.  I stopped by party city,  picked up some  decorations and a few hats. This is what we looked like, Healthy,Happy  people having a good time. This was over ten years ago. Wow, Time flies when your having fun.

Jim & Nancy's Pace Arrow March 17,2003 copy