Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


The photographs that popped up in my mind was some that I took in Cheyenne , WY.
We just stopped over for a day or two and stayed for a month. While we were there they held a state pumpkin competition. We saw an article in the local paper and decided to go and watch. You could feel the compassion and the sense of community in the air. It was fun to see all these huge pumpkins that only have a 90 day growing season.
I decided I wouldn’t want to go on a pumpkin diet.

This people brought a couple of pumpkins and there daughters. The girls seem very happy and enjoying the weigh in.DSC00374 copy

These guys are all competitors and everyone was jumping in the help each other with there measuring and weighing.

DSC00404 copy

This grandpa and his granddaughters were real proud of there pumpkin that weighed in about 500 pounds.

DSC00406 copy 2

All these people are waiting to have there pumpkin weighed. This was just a small part of the crowd that was there.

DSC00393 copy 2

The guy on the right in the gray shirt took the championship.

DSC00421 copy

This was the champion!

DSC00419 copy

We had a good time and stayed for the whole show.

There is one other picture of community that I want to show and that is this little boys community of his stuffed characters that he so proudly displayed for me.

DSC_1937 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy


The night before an archery shoot some of the guys came by our motor home. We sat around and had a couple of beers and talked. Everyone participated except Craig, he was dreaming happy thoughts of BULLS EYES for tomorrows’ shoot. We could tell that,
by the twang in his snoring, as if the string on the bow was being released.

                                                                          DSC_0055 copy

DSC00406 copy  Keeping with the October season here is a grandpa and his granddaughters weighing their hard work and happy to just to be in the competition.

Just having fun with my granddaughter at the lake.DSC_0224 copy

DSC_0217 copy Having fun and clowning around with what ever is lying around.

OCTOBER: Pumpkins Gigantic

A week ago I posted about October, how it was starting to get cooler,the trees are going to start changing color and the bugs weren’t going to bug much longer.

Yes it’s October the time of the year when those gigantic gourds they call pumpkins come out of gardens, get loaded on trailers and make their way to the State weigh in stations. I had the good fortune of being in Cheyenne,Wyoming one year when it was pumpkin weigh in time.

These growers are serious about trying to grow a pumpkin larger than anyone else. Most of these growers have been doing this for several years. Even though they are competitors there was a since of friendship and everyone would help each other muscle these large gourds around to get them on the scale, measured and weighed.DSC00408 copy

BTW Wyoming only has a 90 day growing season.

DSC00418 copy

This was the winner for Wyoming that year and yes that is his son sitting on top, like a little King of Pumpkins.DSC00421 copy

How much did it  weigh—just see for yourself.

DSC00419 copy

I wrote this blog today because I read in the news yesterday that this is that time of the year when the Pumpkin Gigantic come out of their gardens to compete for top honor, The King Of the Gourds.

This year the world record was broken two times. First time was 2012/09/25 when Steve Geddes of Boscawen,NH came in with a pumpkin weighing1,843.50 lbs. A new world record.

Seven days later 2012/10/01 Ron Wallace produced a monster weighing 2,009 Pounds.  Another new world record   Ron said that the pumpkin was growing 35 pounds a day.

Ron walked away with a check for $ 5,500 plus a bonus of $10,000 for being the first pumpkin to weigh over one ton.

I hate to say this, the pumpkins in Cheyenne seem puny compared to the world records. They looked pretty dam big to me at the time.

I’m glad I only eat pumpkin once a year, that sounds fatting to me. I have enough trouble with what I do eat.