Sometimes They Just Show UP

Over the years I have had a few dogs. They just show up when I least expect them. Sometimes I take them in and have them for awhile, that is for as long as they live. Other times I find them a home, hopefully it will be a good home with someone that cares about the canine animals.

I had to put two dogs down in the eighties and I really didn’t want another dog because it was too hard to have to lose a dog. When you spend several years with a canine you get attached to them and it breaks your heart if you have to put them to sleep.

There is a lot of people that feel that a dog is just a dog. My wife and I get attached to them. In 1996 a lady at Nancy’s work was trying to find a home for a small dog [a BLACK Pekingese] We took him in. don’t really know how old he was.

We named him “Pooh Bear”

HE loved us but he didn’t like most people, which didn’t surprise us because we think he had been abused. . He didn’t like anyone with boots and he protected his territory. He could snore like no bodies business and he loved his belly rubbed. To us he was precious.

Four years after we got Pooh Bear, Nancy and I hosted a campground for the Army Corp of Engineers at Pine Flat Lake out of Fresno,CA. That wasn’t to hard to take with the lake only 100 feet or so from our motor home and I love to fish. The lake has 64 miles of shore line and when full it’s a million acre foot lake. There is a small mobile home park,we called a fish camp, less than 3/8 of a mile up the road. Seems that someone dropped thier dog off and just abandoned him. When we arrived there he would sit out in the road and watch our motor home but not to close. Nancy said,”he looks hungry.”  So it begins again!  When we left there we had another dog.  His name was “Bingo”

He tolerated me but loved Nancy, He defiantly was Nancy’s dog. Bingo and Pooh Bear got along very well. The boys loved to go on trips in our motor home. When we would start loading the motor home to go on trips, the boys were the first to get in  It didn’t matter how long it took to load the m/h, with other belongings those boys would not leave until we got somewhere else. Any place was good for them. We called Pooh Bear our one way dog because if he was not on a leash he would just keep going straight ahead, one way. We had many joyful years with the two boys. Pooh Bear got real sick, then a year and a half later Bingo got real sick. The two boys are gone now but are still deep in our memory and are hearts. Sometimes when we talk about them we still get a little teary  eyed.

Just a few weeks ago we were at a store and a little girl in the next aisle in a grocery cart was singing “B-I-N-G-O  B-I-N-G-O  and Bingo was his name.” I’m in the next aisle over, started singing a long with her as I walked around to see her, her mom was smiling and her daughter was smiling but started singing louder. It was all good.

Nancy and I agreed not to have another dog for awhile after losing the two boys. About a year and a half later a little puppy showed up at our motor home. Nancy thought he looks hungry. So it begins again!

We named him Cooter

We found him in Augusta,Georgia six years ago.When he first showed up we decided to try and find him a home. We gave him to our  friends neighbor. A few weeks later the neighbor asked if we wanted him back. He was sick with parvo. We took him to the vet and treated him for parvo. Six years and 75 pounds latter he is still with us. He thinks that everyone that he meets is his friend and wags his tail so hard that half of his body wags.

We call him our Georgia bird dog.

Have you rescued a dog?

National Parks Week: April 21- 29, 2012

Have you visited any of our National Parks?  I have had the good fortune of visiting a few of them. There is still more of them I’d like to go see.

Some of the most awesome scenery you’ll ever see is in the National Parks. That is why they have been surveyed off with boundaries so that the parks will be here for future generations. There is a chance that you’ll see some wild animals but be cautious because they are wild animals and they could hurt you.

What’s so special about April 21-29, 2012 is that it is free admission all week. If you can’t make it in April the next time for free admission is June 9th,2012. Go to – to  find out what’s in store for that week.

I’ve visited Yosemite NP,Kings Canyon NP, Sequoia NP, Lassen Volcanic NP and the Grand Canyon National Park. There are a few more that I almost forgot, not that they are less important it’s probably because I’m getting older,The Rocky Mountain NP, Crater Lake NP and Great Smokey Mountain NP also a few in Canada. Everyone of these parks that I’ve visited were awesome to see and spend some time there. The two parks that took my breath away was The Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Parks. Crater Lake had the deepest and prettest blue water I’ve ever seen. There is so many  parks that I’ve been to I can only thank God that I have been so blessed to be able to see them all. I’ve been to places that most people only read about and I feel really blessed. I can wish that everyone could see them.

Here’s a photo I had taken at Lassen:

Lassen Nat Park copy

Have you been to any of the National Parks?

What did you think of them?

Which one or two did you like the best?

Let me know!

On The Road Again

January of 1994 we lost our townhouse in the Northridge earthquake. Epicenter was just a mile or so from  were we lived. We were asleep but not after being shaken out of our beds and  half scared out of our wits. Glass was breaking down stairs in the kitchen and the walls seem to be fluctuating.

About a mile and a half from were we lived a three story apartment building collapsed.

Unfortunately we had not bought our first motor home until after the earth quake.  We sure could have used it back then. Instead we stayed in a hotel for a few weeks until the power and the gas and the water was turned back on.  I remember standing in line just to get some bottled water. We lost everything in the refrigerator and the freezer..

My wife worked four ten hour days and was off Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Back to work on Monday. Thursday mornings I would take our motor home and towed our Chevy S10 down to the beach in Ventura, find a camping site and pay for the weekend. Then drove back home in the S10 with our little dog. Thursday after Nancy would get off work we would put anything else we wanted to take down to the beach and load the dog and head for the beach. Friday we would wake up to the sound of the crashing of waves on the rocks. Our motor home was only a few feet from the rocks that lead down to the ocean. We did this almost three weekends out of the month,every month. In the winter we liked to go there even if we had to stay inside because it was cold and watch movies or read. I was already retired, just hadn’t started collecting my pension yet. It still was a wonderful time in our lives.

The one picture that best describes how gorgeous it was, is when Nancy’s Mom came to  visit around Thanksgiving and we cooked dinner at the beach. Could this be any better!

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner @ the Beach  With Mamma Ventura,CA '94 copy        Mamma Thanksgiving '94 Ventura,Ca

This is Betty (Nancy’s Mom) and me.                   Betty enjoying the day

.   We have been living in our motor home for the most part since1997.  We would be on the road 8 to 10 months out of the year. By the way Nancy quit work in January 1997. We get to hit the road when ever we want. We spend summers mostly in San Diego,CA or up along the Oregon coast and the winters in Savannah,GA.

When traveling across the states we often stay over night in Wal-Mart parking lots. Our grand daughter wanted to stay in the motor home over night while at a Wal-Mart. Seems she wanted to tell her friends she slept in Wal-Mart parking lot. She thought that was hotter than popcorn especially the part were she could use the bathroom while in the parking lot. Some of the silliest things make kids happy. I wish all of us adults could remember how to see life through a child’s eyes.

We also stay over night or longer in casino parking lots. Nancy would say we can stay over night at the casino and save money.  We stayed but have never been able to save any money staying in their parking lots.

We have a forty foot diesel pusher motor home and we love it. We usually drive back and forth across the United States every year,since ‘96. We have made many friends over the years and some have become our adopted family. In fact almost closer than our immediate family.  We have some friends that every time we hit the road we call them and start singing the Willie Nelson’s song “On The Road Again”

Isn’t life beautiful!!

It doesn’t get much better than this!

What do you think?


Easter Ham

Just before Easter, precooked hams where on sale. Of course we bought one and  cooked it for Easter and had five of our friends over to share it with us.  The ham turned out very good. This is how we cooked it:.

Bring it to room temperature

Cut off excess fat and scored it

Preheated oven to 325 degrees

Cover the ham with foil and put about a cup of water in the bottom of the pan

Cooked ours  for 2 1/2 hours adding more water as needed or coke if you choose.      Figure 15/20 minutes per pound


1 cup of brown sugar

1 cup of bourbon

Honey to sweeten it,  just a little at a time to take the edge off the bourbon

Simmer for 20 minutes then let cool [be careful the bourbon may flare up]

Remove foil and brush with glaze every 5 to 10 minutes for another half hour

Let cool and carve – enjoy

If you use this recipe let me know if you liked it and how it turned out?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects


Guy watching a helicopter lift.                      

I caught this at the right time and was able to get two subjects in the same picture. This was SDGE taking power poles in the hills to install new poles that are wood pecker free.


My wife and I spent one month in Cheyenne,WY partly to enjoy the area and partly to have some work done on our motor home. We happened to be there for the state Pumpkin weigh in for the Wyoming State Championship  The winning pumpkin weighed 673lb 16oz. They only have a 90 day growing season.  This is a picture of the guy who won, on the right  and his son sitting on top of this gigantic pumpkin. WOW! I don’t want to be on that diet!   Guess how many pies you can get out of this Pumpkin?  I don’t have any idea how many pies nor would I want the job.

DSC00421 copy 2

While we were there we decided to go to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  It was unbelievably beautiful and the trees were in process of turning their fall colors. We drove towards the summit, 14,259 feet, we turned around some were between  8,000 /10,000 feet.  It was a good thing or we may have missed the elk down in the valley. There was two  male elk doing the ultimate elk fighting championship. I quickly pulled to the side of the road got out, with my camera but it was to late. The show was over and these are the photos that I did get. We where just a little ways out of the park and we saw these mountain sheep or are they goats climbing up the side of the mountain. someone that probably knows more about this national park Is Mike of : “Mike’s Look at Life”

We had a good time in Cheyenne ,WY.  I have lots more photos and adventure stories from the Cheyenne area but that’s for another time.

Thomson River Gorge

DSC00307 copy 2             DSC00308 Fall Colors Rocky MT NP copy

DSC00309 copy 2             DSC00314 copy 2

DSC00321 copy 2              DSC00322 copy 2

DSC00324 copy 2              DSC00336 copy 2

DSC00352 copy 2              DSC00360 copy 2

DSC00370 copy 2