Weekly Photo Challenge:Changing Seasons ll


In  Augusta,GA you can tell that the Mr.. Winter is lurking around the corner with the,  temperature  dropping and the winds sharp as razors. Most of the tree have shed their beautiful leaves. It is amazing to watching trees, to often we never pay attention to the trees. Trees will start in the spring by getting little buds on their limbs, that turn in leaves or flowers. Trees give us shade when the heat outside becomes unbearable, the shield our houses from the summer heat. In the autumn of their life cycle they give us a spectacular show of awesome colors that we go goggle eye over, people get their cameras out and begin clicking away.

Then Mr.Winter pops it head out, drops snow on us and temperature drop to freezing levels, branches have ice on them and so do the roads, walk ways. People in the north have to shovel snow off their drive way in order to get there cars out to go to work

Before Mr. Winter come most towns and cities have a Christmas Parade. The little town of Guyton,GA were are son lives has one and we happen to be there during the parade a couple of years ago.

So I want to start the season post with the Guyton Parade.  


This is a snow storm which turned to Ice later that day while we where at Lake Erie visiting friends. 

Ice Tree Lake Erie          DSC_0930                     Ice Tree Branches Lake Erie

We move from chilly ice and snow to the season before all the Burrr ice, to autumn were the leaves are so stunning.      

DSC_2881 copy                   DSC_2907

Summer time when everyone gets hot or become water ducks. Kids are out of school and families go on vacations. 

DSC_0556                 DSC_0488 copy

Now we have the season most people like when all the flowers bloom, fresh vegetables grow and the weather is great.

DSC_2034                DSC_1863

We were staying at our son’s while I was recovering from  shoulder surgery, I would go into town stop at Lowe’s pick up a couple of tomato plants. Then go into town and pick up some more tomato plants until our son  said, “I’ve never seen so many tomatoes.” We had so many tomatoes that he had to give many away, to most of his friends. We caned or froze as many as we could. Some times I go a little over board. It was all fun!

Weekly Photo Challenge:Big


My first thought this was a no brainer, I’ll just post another picture of a large pumpkin. I said to myself, “No I really need to post something different”.

I searched my photo library for something that was huge and over the top. “Maybe photos of the Grand Canyon, That’s huge!  Well maybe not that’s because I’ve already posted pictures of the Grand Canyon”, which I dearly love and think it’s breath taking.

Then I came up with something that probably weighs over two tons. Now that’s pretty darn big. These weigh over two tons.DSC_1169 copy

DSC_1176 copy   You can get sense of how large these mammals are. The trainers look small compared to the whales.

DSC_1185 copy Shortly after I took these pictures, sometime later there was some controversy about the trainers being in the water with the whales. I don’t know if that has been settled.

There has been a couple of serious incidents to the trainers over the years directly related with the whales.

Ken Peters 39 sustained a broken foot was dragged under water by, not Shamu but a stand in, named Kasatka. She is 17 foot and weighs over 5000 pounds.  11/30/2006 San Diego,CA

Dawn Brancheau 40 was not so lucky. “The wale grabbed her by the waist drug her and shook her and held her under water,” one of the trainers said.  That was in February 25,2010 in Orlando,FL. The wale, not Shamu, but the wale’s name was Tillikum a male whale who has sired 13 off springs.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment


I was thinking what am I going to do today for this weeks challenge. I noticed a couple of bike riders riding passed my motor home. So what the heck this is what I came up with.

DSC_2042 copy

This fleeting moment is when the truck was whole and in good condition and the next moment it was a wreck. I’m sorry!

DSC_0062 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects


Guy watching a helicopter lift.                      

I caught this at the right time and was able to get two subjects in the same picture. This was SDGE taking power poles in the hills to install new poles that are wood pecker free.