Living the Dream:”How Do You Relax”

Twenty years now I’ve been retired and living the dream, almost, it took a couple of years to learn how to slow my a— down.  I’m a type A personality, all the years I’d worked I go 90 to nothing in 2.3 seconds. I go like a bat out of hell, then I’d crash. Nothing ever came easy for  me so it seemed like I was always stressed. Then one day it hit me and I said to myself, “you need to learn how to relax.” Well when you are like me that doesn’t come easy for a type A personality. I started changing my habits,trying to learn – How to relax.

We bought our first motor home in 1994, now  we’re in our fourth. We’ve been riding around the USA in our motor homes, visiting a lot of different states, cities, towns,,rivers, lakes,national parks and stayed at parks in the mountains and on the beaches of two oceans,also a gulf.  We have made many many friends all around the country. That was our dream and we have been living it for at least 16 years of the 20 years that I’ve been retired. This is our present motor home.

163 copy

The motor home is only part of our dream, when driving down the road it is like sitting in your living room and the scenery is changing.   Those two bright spots in this picture, maybe a UFO. I don’t know?  I knew one day those Martians’ would catch up with me. Ha-ha

When we get to were we are going we kick back and relax. We sit outside in the mornings and drink our coffee around the fire pit, and take in the beauty of this gorgeous  lake.

DSC_2621 copy

DSC_2623 copy

DSC_2597 copy

Even our dog likes to travel, of course he has to check all the scents of other canines. .

DSC_2568 copy

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.


Weekly Photo Challenge:Foreign


February 19,2009 my wife and I went to Los Algodones,MX  So I could have some dental work done. It was the last year that you could get across the border without a passport, all you needed was a drivers license from the United States.

The lines were horrendous. Up the street around the corner then up another city block. It would take hours to get back across the border. We knew this so went and checked out the line to make sure and sure as heck it was way long.



We decided to go over to the out door canteen and have a margarita while the line went down. When we ordered the drinks they came in these margarita glasses that looked as big as fish bowls. But Dam they where good!  Finishing the drinks I went back to check out the line, it still was long. Came back to canteen and ordered a couple more drinks,that’s one each.


We did not feel any after effects from the drinks until long after we were home. Are motor home was parked about mile or so down the road. I’m not condoning drinking and driving.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Water



Water:  DSC_1974 Humming bird feeder.

             DSC_2612 copy  Sunset Lake Sinclair Georgia 

           DSC_0932 copy Geneva on the Lake Ohio

Photos that I posted for Cee’s Photo Fun, I guess for the fun of it..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette II


This will be my second post this week. Why!  Because I just found them in my photo library.  I have always like these photos because of the reflections of the clouds in the lake with the trees silhouetted

I was putting some photos on my computer that I took this week end. Had a good week end ,discovered there is a lot to photograph here in Augusta especially this month. There is a lot of events going on Greek Festival, fair,air show,antique car show, and cross country or mountain bike races competition. the bike races are right in front on our motor home. Across the street!

Did I mention that we are staying in our friends driveway and right across the street is a beautiful park. We can look out are front window a see the little lake. There is almost something going on every weekend this time of the year.

These are the pictures I would like to post.

DSC_0015 copy

DSC_0016 copy

DSC_0017 copy

DSC_0018 copy

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


Going through my library of photos, I finally stumbled on what I wanted to post for the weeks challenge. There are a few of them that I like and really don’t want to eliminate any of them. What the heck I’ll post several photos!

These are a series of photos that I took one evening on the Coronado Beach in CoronadoDSC_0502 copy,Ca. We were out with friends for dinner there. After dinner we all decided to stroll along the beach area. I just happened to have my camera with me, of course I most generally do. Had a good dinner and an enjoyable evening.

DSC_0507 copy

DSC_0506 copy

DSC_0512 copy   There you have my contribution for this weeks challenge silhouette.

Ligo Circle of Appreciation

Here’s our
Līgo Circle of Appreciation
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“A great blog is one that holds my interest and presents information that I can carry away and mull it over in my head for longer than it took to read it. I like to see good photography’s  but mostly I want to laugh not because of a joke but because there is humor in what is written.

This will be my first group of nominees 10/16/2012.

Thank you Marsha of    for inviting me into this special Ligo Circle of Appreciation. I’m happy that I have not lost all my time in nominating as many people that I can before the dead line. When you have computer problems it slow downs progress. This will be my first group of nominees 10/16/2012.

My first nomination is Olivia Bush of She is a young photographer that has a good mastery of her craft of photography. She displays good quality photographs and actively pursuing her artistry If get a chance go see her site.

my second nomination is Pam of she and her friend have a food blog and they work hard at it. I have been following Pami site for awhile now and I’d like to give her the Ligo Circle of Appreciation. Pami has several awards but I don’t think he was this appreciation of the Ligo symbol. If your into food check her site out.

This will be my second group to nominate for the Ligo Circle of Appreciation 10/17/2012

Lori    writes a funny blog, “Sunny Side Up” it’s personal about real life and to funny not to put on paper. Most of us have had funny things happen in our lives and not but it on paper. Lori does put the funny this on her blog. Lori Ann Franks was freshly pressed on January 5,2012. When you hit the top of blogging world –what is an award or two. So I say lets just humor her to let her know that, it’s ok that she made the big time we’re glad she’s out there blogging for all of us. That is the reason I like to give her the Ligo Circle of Appreciation, it’s not an award just appreciation. You can pick it up at

Teju  writes beautifully, her blog keeps you pulled in and leaves you with words that can roll around in your head for long after you have finished reading. When reading her blogs one can tell that she is well educated and well versed on the English language. She a friend blogger and I appreciate her comments and look forward to them. There for I would like to present you with the Ligo Circle of Appreciation   you can pick it up at

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Patrick Latter  Patrick  has some of the most amazing photos of the West Coast Trail. I only wish I could have been on that trip. Awesome photos. If your into scenic photography check his site out. Patrick I nominate you for the Ligo Circle of Appreciation.  This not an award it is just a bloggers’ appreciation. Follow the instruction above. You can see it at my site:

Gary Schollmeier     Loves to stack rocks and create photos with great back drops. He has a unique way of stacking rocks and making them the point of interest in his photos. He’s a lot like me except he’s a little younger, got into blogging to display some of his awesome photos. Gary I nominate you for the Ligo Circle of Appreciation.  This is not an award it is an appreciation for your blogging and your photos. You can see the instruction at the top of this blog. It will be displayed at my blog.

This will be my fourth group to nominate for the Ligo Circle of Appreciation.  10/18/2012

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Good luck with your Nikon 5100.  Women do things different then men. You said that you sat with your new camera for a couple of months before you used it. Men, at least me, can’t wait to start shooting if things don’t go right then we go back and read the manual. That is how I always do it and have many times.

This will be my fifth group to nominate for the Ligo Circle of Appreciation. 10/20/2012


Today I nominate Lisa at fLve   is an up front type of person and what you see is what you get. Let me qualify this statement I already know that she probably won’t except this Ligo Circle of Appreciation. I thought about it and decided that she has given me several likes and comments that I want her to know that she is appreciated.  Lisa I here by nominate you for the Ligo Circle of Appreciation. This is not an award but an appreciation for your contribution to the blogging world and a especially me. You can see all the instruction at the top of this blog it will be posted on my site

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I would like to nominate Stuff I Tell My Sister for the Ligo Circle of Appreciation.  http;//   The instructions are at the top of my blog.  This not an award but an appreciation for you contributions to the blogging community.

I would like to nominate Ravi of  for the Ligo Circle of Appreciation . This is not an award but an appreciation for your contributions to the blogging community.The instruction are at the top of my blog

Weekly Photo Challenge:Big


My first thought this was a no brainer, I’ll just post another picture of a large pumpkin. I said to myself, “No I really need to post something different”.

I searched my photo library for something that was huge and over the top. “Maybe photos of the Grand Canyon, That’s huge!  Well maybe not that’s because I’ve already posted pictures of the Grand Canyon”, which I dearly love and think it’s breath taking.

Then I came up with something that probably weighs over two tons. Now that’s pretty darn big. These weigh over two tons.DSC_1169 copy

DSC_1176 copy   You can get sense of how large these mammals are. The trainers look small compared to the whales.

DSC_1185 copy Shortly after I took these pictures, sometime later there was some controversy about the trainers being in the water with the whales. I don’t know if that has been settled.

There has been a couple of serious incidents to the trainers over the years directly related with the whales.

Ken Peters 39 sustained a broken foot was dragged under water by, not Shamu but a stand in, named Kasatka. She is 17 foot and weighs over 5000 pounds.  11/30/2006 San Diego,CA

Dawn Brancheau 40 was not so lucky. “The wale grabbed her by the waist drug her and shook her and held her under water,” one of the trainers said.  That was in February 25,2010 in Orlando,FL. The wale, not Shamu, but the wale’s name was Tillikum a male whale who has sired 13 off springs.

Adventures with a Red Wing Black Bird

My wife and I spent a week at the Hollywood Casino RV Park in Tunica, Mississippi several years ago. We went there to relax and spend some time in the casino.
The park is clean and well manicured, it is a pleasure to stay there. There is lots of area to walk my dog. There is also a large field that I usually take my dog out there and let him run.
The second morning that we were there, about 6:00 AM I hear a tapping noise that woke me up . I looked all around the motor home for what was making that noise, never could find it. The next morning at 6:00 AM, tap tap, tap tap, again the tapping noise woke me, again I looked for what was making that noise. The third morning was a repeat of the other two, only this time I pulled up the shades and looked out the window, low and behold  there was a red wing black bird tapping on the window.

DSC00017 copy

DSC00010 copy

Are windows are tinted so that we can see out but you can’t see in. The bird never saw me standing just inside watching him.
I thought that if I put something out there that was moving it would drive him away.  I had a straw hat that I tied to the awning strap, thinking with the wind blowing that would sway back and forth scare him away.

You can see that it didn’t scare him one bit. He sat out there for quite awhile and I stood inside and watched him,took pictures.

DSC00011 copy

DSC00009 copy

The hat trick didn’t work out very well, the bird just hung there on the hat for a long time. Then I realized the son-of-a-gun Left Me A Deposit in my hat. That’s when I opened the window and scared him off, “Get out of here you dirty bird”!!, I shouted. Off he went ,I never got woken by him again. Of course I had to clean out my hat.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy


The night before an archery shoot some of the guys came by our motor home. We sat around and had a couple of beers and talked. Everyone participated except Craig, he was dreaming happy thoughts of BULLS EYES for tomorrows’ shoot. We could tell that,
by the twang in his snoring, as if the string on the bow was being released.

                                                                          DSC_0055 copy

DSC00406 copy  Keeping with the October season here is a grandpa and his granddaughters weighing their hard work and happy to just to be in the competition.

Just having fun with my granddaughter at the lake.DSC_0224 copy

DSC_0217 copy Having fun and clowning around with what ever is lying around.

OCTOBER: Pumpkins Gigantic

A week ago I posted about October, how it was starting to get cooler,the trees are going to start changing color and the bugs weren’t going to bug much longer.

Yes it’s October the time of the year when those gigantic gourds they call pumpkins come out of gardens, get loaded on trailers and make their way to the State weigh in stations. I had the good fortune of being in Cheyenne,Wyoming one year when it was pumpkin weigh in time.

These growers are serious about trying to grow a pumpkin larger than anyone else. Most of these growers have been doing this for several years. Even though they are competitors there was a since of friendship and everyone would help each other muscle these large gourds around to get them on the scale, measured and weighed.DSC00408 copy

BTW Wyoming only has a 90 day growing season.

DSC00418 copy

This was the winner for Wyoming that year and yes that is his son sitting on top, like a little King of Pumpkins.DSC00421 copy

How much did it  weigh—just see for yourself.

DSC00419 copy

I wrote this blog today because I read in the news yesterday that this is that time of the year when the Pumpkin Gigantic come out of their gardens to compete for top honor, The King Of the Gourds.

This year the world record was broken two times. First time was 2012/09/25 when Steve Geddes of Boscawen,NH came in with a pumpkin weighing1,843.50 lbs. A new world record.

Seven days later 2012/10/01 Ron Wallace produced a monster weighing 2,009 Pounds.  Another new world record   Ron said that the pumpkin was growing 35 pounds a day.

Ron walked away with a check for $ 5,500 plus a bonus of $10,000 for being the first pumpkin to weigh over one ton.

I hate to say this, the pumpkins in Cheyenne seem puny compared to the world records. They looked pretty dam big to me at the time.

I’m glad I only eat pumpkin once a year, that sounds fatting to me. I have enough trouble with what I do eat.