Weekly Photo Challenge” The World Through My Eyes

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This young man now has his own condo and is in the tech field. He knew more about computers than I did back in 2004.  When he was 9/10 years old he was fiddling with computers and programs. He’s all grown up now!

Justin 001 copy

This shot was at a Blue Grass Festival and this young man was sitting right in front of me . This may not have been the right lighting but it was the right moment. You can never go back and duplicate this photo or any of the others that I’m posting. Some times one has to grab the picture regardless of the lighting. This is what is called a moment in time and it carries a lot of weight in the photo world.

Little Boy Eating Ice Cream Sandwich 001 copy

This young lady is all grown up now.  She went to college in Santa Barbara, CA  and decided to stay there. I’m not sure if she is teaching there or not but I think that was her major.

Corey 001 copy

This gentleman was at an apple festival and was nice of him to let me take a photo of him. His name is Smokey Joe.

Smoky Joe 001 copy

I’m posting this picture because it is about lighting and composition, placement of subject and allowing the river to lead up to the subject. I saw a similar photo like this in a gallery in Sedona, AZ.

DSC_0067 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves



I was thinking of posting a picture of the Golden Arches of McDonalds, Lord knows that I have been there enough times. Then I thought about Bridges with there magnificent cures or how about roads that I have driven over with our motor home, with some of them so curvy that I thought the back end of the motor home was catching up with the front. I thought any of those photos would be great, but I have decided to post photos of natural curves, ones that nature made.

The first one of course is the Grand Canyon with a tree that gave me a natural curvature and framed of the Grand Canyon. What a beautiful view!


This photo was taken in Lassen National Park with the natural curvature of the stream with beautiful green grass and tree lined pasture, the mountains in the back ground with snow on them. I feel that this is another great photo depicting  the natural curvature in nature.

Lassen Nat Park copy

I have another photo similar to this photo that I took in Maui that I entered in Las Angeles County Fair that Won a Gold Medal. I’ll have to see if I can find it and put on my blog some time. Here we have two curves, one is the curvature of the mountain and the other in the curvature of the rainbow ,with the sugar cane in the fore ground. 

Maui Rainbow 1 001 copy

I don’t have a clue were I took this picture and don’t even like spiders. This spider was very cooperative, I know that because he/she didn’t bite me. I took this picture because I like the way the web looked with all the intersections, the curvature of the web. I’m posting it because I have never posted it anywhere before and couldn’t find a better place or theme to use it.

Spider 001 copy

These are my entry’s  for this challenge of curves.

A Word A Week: Metallic

This is a photo that I took several years ago . While on the road we decided to stop at the   Cabelas Sport Goods Store in Kearney,Nebraska. I had heard of this store and always wanted to visit one. I was in such an excited state by time we arrived that my camera was buzzing like an amateur hornets nest. Threw out most of all that I learned in photo classes and started clicking away. Shortly after going into the store I regained my senses and began photographing like I knew what I was doing. The store was huge with plenty of photographic possibilities, which I took advantage of.

The fighting elks statue at the front of the store was the first think I saw and photographed.

DSC00435 copy

This stunning horse and cowboy was in front of the capital building in Cheyenne,WY. Cheyenne is a beautiful city, We had a great time exploring while we were there. We went there the visit the Elks Lodge because I heard that it was very old, being an Elks Member I wanted to see it. We spent close to 4 weeks in Cheyenne.  Visited The Rocky Mountain National Park, Laramie,WY and Wyoming state pumpkin weigh in competition. If I knew ahead a time I was going to take this picture I would have brought my pressure washer and tidied up this horse and ryder.

DSC00285 copy

We came across Abe in a rest area or tourist area. We were on our way back from Laramie going to our motor home in Cheyenne,WY, but I don’t exactly remember were. I do remember that my Dog didn’t like him and wouldn’t stop barking. We tried to show him it was  okay but he still barked.

DSC00300 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says


This is a sign that caught our eye while driving in New Orleans. WE laughed wondering if we did stop we would get a ticket or if we didn’t stop we would get a ticket. We took our chance and stopped.

No stopping  sign in New Orleans copy

This sign wasn’t clear if the arrow was pointing to the RV Park or the doggie potty land  Having traveled in our RV for many years we know that it was just as important to know were the doggies place was in the park. This is only sign we ever ran across that let you know right off the bat were we had to walk our dog.


It is important that everyone knows that this is a duck crossing area. Just across the street is the Augusta,GA Green Jackets Baseball Park and signs saying Mercedes Benz parking only. I thought to my self – WOW these ducks have clout.

When Sunday morning my wife and I and  some friends went to the flea market in
San Diego when I saw this sign. I had to have a picture of this. When I was
taken the picture the man came walking towards me telling me, NO Pictures. To
late I already took it.This sign made me laugh because it is so true that it is funny. Today kids have it so made that they don’t know how good they have it.