I became “mhdriver” because I had two dogs one twelve pounds another twenty-seven pounds that thought our motor home was their’s and I was just the driver.  When we would start loading the motor home to get ready to go on a trip the dogs would climb up in there we would have go get them to come back in the house. Both dogs were rescued dogs.  They are no longer with us, we sorely miss them. Approximately a year later the good Lord gave us another one to care for. He’s six and a half years old now, we had him since he was 3 months old.

I’ve posted a blog about them. “They just show up”

All photos and text are original and copyrighted by James Bryant


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  1. your dogs are so adorable, and I’m happy to know both your pets are rescued, which is indeed such a noble thing to do! So glad to have stumbled upon you 🙂

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