Weekly Photo Challenge:In the Background


Self Portrait.  If you look closely it looks like part of a car in the cloud above my head. This not the camera that I usually use for photographs. I really wasn’t meaning to take a picture of my self, but I liked the way the clouds looked in the reflection in the car window.

I was on my way in to see all of the entries of the Augusta,GA  photo contest, that took place last fall during Augusta Photo Festival Week. I wanted to see all the winning photos.  I can’t pass up a chance to see someone else’s good work. That is why I had the Nikon S 200 with me.

When I was looking through some of my older photographs, I came across this one that I took awhile back. I don’t remember who either of these two people are. I just thought it fit the challenge for this week.

Double exposure 001 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape Too


I’m having a little trouble finding a picture  that shows escape. these are the best that I can come up with. I hope everyone enjoys them.

I’m also trying to use a small foot print on my photos. I always believed that if you reduced that size that you would reduce quality. So I hope y’all will bear with me while I experiment with trying to use a smaller KB instead of MB.


This is what I call escaping, defying gravity or the norm.

DSC_2767 copy Op  678kb

This gentleman escaped from these guys that what to fly upside down.  Not really, but he did escape from a plane that was up there some were.


Please let me know if these picture are coming across ok.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

PostaWeek/ PostaDay

             Red tail hawk trying to escape from a red wing black bird attack.


This weeks Photo challenge was escape and today this article came up on Yahoo. I thought to myself how great is this article is showing up today.

The series of images were captured recently by photographer Eric Dugan at Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area in Northern California.

Article written by Pete Thomas for Yahoo

You can see more of the series of photographs here at this web site:


I could not have come up with a better choice of photos to go with this weeks challenge.

I’ve had my own experience with a red wing black bird in Tunica,MS several years ago while we were staying in the RV Park at the Hollywood Casino. A red wing black bird would see him/herself in my bedroom window and peck at the window for a half an hour. Two days of getting woke up at  6:00 AM and we probably didn’t get in until 2:AM.  I hadn’t figured out what the noise was until about the third day. I thought it was workers outside working on something. Then on the third day I went to the window and this bird was pecking at my window. I now know they are not the friendliest bird in the sky, but to attack a hawk. WOW!

Read the article it has a great series of photos with it.


Floral Friday Fotos: Purple & White Bearded Iris




After seeing Cee’s Iris and the ones my neighbor grows, I decided to plant some in our yard. They sure are pretty

Looking through the photos that I took yesterday I decided that this was a better picture of the purple & white bearded iris than the original one that I posted yesterday. I was so excited to post this beautiful picture of this iris that I rushed to judgment and post one that was not as good as this one.  I love the purple and white combination of this flower and delicate it appears. It almost seems fragile velvety at the same time.

I was thinking yesterday that photography, even if you know what makes a good picture you still need a great subject. It is like what they always say garbage in and garbage out. A good subject, lighting, composition and a few other factors, that is, in my estimation, is what makes a great photo.