Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour


Today I’m just going to post photos that I feel  fits the theme of Golden Light. I hope the photos speak for themselves. I also believe my header is part of the Golden Light.

DSC_3080 copy A  2

Venice Pier

DSC_0506 copy Walk on the Beach copy 1

DSC_2962 copy

DSC_0067 copy

DSC_0089 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Post a Week, Post A Day                                                   2013/07/09

When I get nostalgic I would load my bike on the back of my car and drive down to Santa Monica Beach and park, take my bike off then ride down to Venice Beach. There is a nice bike/roller blade concrete trail down to Venice Beach, that goes to points further South and the same to the North of Santa Monica.. There was always something going on at Venice Beach and plenty to see.. It helps take my mind off what ever I’m fixated on. In other words gets me out of my head. Here are some photos that I’ve taken down a Venice Beach area. There are a lot of place to grab a bite to eat if your hungry.

This guy has been doing this for as long as I can remember. He has electric guitar with speakers, I believe they are battery operated. I’ve seen him in a couple of movies as an extra. It is an enjoyment to watch and listen to him. He just roller skates around the area playing his guitar.

Venive Beach ST performer 001 copy

I’ve only have seen this person a couple of times . I really don’t know that much about him but was worth taking his picture.

Venice Beach Street Performer 001 copy

There is a clothing store and on the weekends there are male models out in front of the store.  They are like mimes but I think that is wrong word  these models stand in one place and don’t move. I guess they are more like a human dummies.

Venice Beach Model 1 001 copy


Venice Beach Model 2 001 copy

This was just a distraction and pretty at that.

Venice Beach Pretty Girl 001 copy

You never know what your going to see. These young ladies are all dress up for something but I don’t know what. They were eye catching in their garb, so much so I had to take a photo.

.Venice Beeach Two Girls in Costume  1 001 copy

Someone put this curly red head doll in the water fountain.

Venice Beach Doll Getting Drink or Taking a Bath 001 copy

At the time I took this picture I believed that the baby in this picture was a doll. Now that I look at this picture again I’m not sure. Because I thought it was a doll is why I took this photo.

Venice Beach Lady Feeding Doll 001 copy

I’ve posted this a few times because I like the colors,configuration, and the symmetry of the kites

Venice Beach Kites 001 copy

This were I go when I feel Nostalgic – Well I use to go, I’m on the East Coast now and  it to far to ride my bike and I’m not as young as I use to be.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Near and Far


I love these challenges, it allows me the look at my photos differently. I never really thought of a lot of my photos from a different perspective as to what they could mean to different  words. So I’m having a lot of fun with these challenges. I find them provoking and of course “challenging”.

This is a photo I took in New Port,Oregon. Really clean neat town with some rolling hills,just enough to make it interesting and photographable.

DSC00177 copy

It flows right down this hill into the ocean, maybe I should rephrase that, down the hill TO the ocean. I found that there was plenty to see and photograph here in New Port.

DSC00184 copy

This picture was a fluke. We weren’t even suppose to be here. We stopped in Cheyenne, WY for a short lay over before we went on to Yellowstone National Park. we never made it to the park because of motor home problems and had to return to Cheyenne, where we ended up staying for two more weeks.  That gave us a chance to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.  Let me say the North America has some gorgeous National Parks. My wife and I have had the good fortune to see several of them.

This is Thomson River Gorge going to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

Thomson River Gourge 2

This is a pearl of a beach, I have spent many days in this area. We have camped down at the Strand State Beach in Coronado,CA a few weeks at a time. One time when we were there it was Thanksgiving and we fried a couple of turkeys. My friend’s wife came out of her 5th wheel with a knife,a jar of mayo and a bag of rolls. We sliced up some of that hot turkey and made sandwiches that here out of this world.

 DSC_0488 copy

Sometimes They Just Show UP

Over the years I have had a few dogs. They just show up when I least expect them. Sometimes I take them in and have them for awhile, that is for as long as they live. Other times I find them a home, hopefully it will be a good home with someone that cares about the canine animals.

I had to put two dogs down in the eighties and I really didn’t want another dog because it was too hard to have to lose a dog. When you spend several years with a canine you get attached to them and it breaks your heart if you have to put them to sleep.

There is a lot of people that feel that a dog is just a dog. My wife and I get attached to them. In 1996 a lady at Nancy’s work was trying to find a home for a small dog [a BLACK Pekingese] We took him in. don’t really know how old he was.

We named him “Pooh Bear”

HE loved us but he didn’t like most people, which didn’t surprise us because we think he had been abused. . He didn’t like anyone with boots and he protected his territory. He could snore like no bodies business and he loved his belly rubbed. To us he was precious.

Four years after we got Pooh Bear, Nancy and I hosted a campground for the Army Corp of Engineers at Pine Flat Lake out of Fresno,CA. That wasn’t to hard to take with the lake only 100 feet or so from our motor home and I love to fish. The lake has 64 miles of shore line and when full it’s a million acre foot lake. There is a small mobile home park,we called a fish camp, less than 3/8 of a mile up the road. Seems that someone dropped thier dog off and just abandoned him. When we arrived there he would sit out in the road and watch our motor home but not to close. Nancy said,”he looks hungry.”  So it begins again!  When we left there we had another dog.  His name was “Bingo”

He tolerated me but loved Nancy, He defiantly was Nancy’s dog. Bingo and Pooh Bear got along very well. The boys loved to go on trips in our motor home. When we would start loading the motor home to go on trips, the boys were the first to get in  It didn’t matter how long it took to load the m/h, with other belongings those boys would not leave until we got somewhere else. Any place was good for them. We called Pooh Bear our one way dog because if he was not on a leash he would just keep going straight ahead, one way. We had many joyful years with the two boys. Pooh Bear got real sick, then a year and a half later Bingo got real sick. The two boys are gone now but are still deep in our memory and are hearts. Sometimes when we talk about them we still get a little teary  eyed.

Just a few weeks ago we were at a store and a little girl in the next aisle in a grocery cart was singing “B-I-N-G-O  B-I-N-G-O  and Bingo was his name.” I’m in the next aisle over, started singing a long with her as I walked around to see her, her mom was smiling and her daughter was smiling but started singing louder. It was all good.

Nancy and I agreed not to have another dog for awhile after losing the two boys. About a year and a half later a little puppy showed up at our motor home. Nancy thought he looks hungry. So it begins again!

We named him Cooter

We found him in Augusta,Georgia six years ago.When he first showed up we decided to try and find him a home. We gave him to our  friends neighbor. A few weeks later the neighbor asked if we wanted him back. He was sick with parvo. We took him to the vet and treated him for parvo. Six years and 75 pounds latter he is still with us. He thinks that everyone that he meets is his friend and wags his tail so hard that half of his body wags.

We call him our Georgia bird dog.

Have you rescued a dog?