Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

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This first photo is a reflection of the past. This was the Confederate Powder works, Civil War black powder plant in Augusta Georgia. Built in 7 months completed in Feb/March 1862. The Augusta,Georgia canal was mainly built for industrial use but shortly after built, was also use for transporting gun power to the Savannah River. The canal is connected on both ends to the Savannah River it is one of a few canals still used in the South.

DSC_2719 copy

A reflection of a sunset  over Lake Sinclair in Milledgeville,Georgia. The tall stack is  part of the Georgia Power Company across the Highway.

DSC_2612 copy

A reflection of a building in a store front in Washington, Georgia

DSC_3128 copy

River [name unknown] town Scarborough,Georgia

DSC_2168 copy

I.m a little late on this challenge but better late than never.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Orange ll


I shot this about 30 minutes ago. I couldn’t resist following up with some more orange pictures. Since all the leaves are turning and colors are just amazing and I realized I had so many orange photos.

DSC_2960 copy

This is at the ball park of the “Augusta Green Jackets Baseball Team”. I shot it a few days ago. I’m trying not to show any duplicates of photos that I’ve posted in the past..


This is a photo that I took a month or so ago of the sunset over Lake Sinclair in Milledgeville,GA

DSC_2596 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal


A house being rebuilt after Katrina in Gulfport,Mississippi. Compared to the devastation, this is definitely renewal. Hopefully people in Hurricane Sandy can move along faster then it is now and faster than it took Katrina. This photo was shot 18 months after the storm.


Renewing a slice of the dock in Savannah,Georgia on the Savannah River. It took a crane boat to put this square block of concrete in it’s place you can see it in the lower right corner of the photo. There is several men (dock workers’) trying to work it into place.DSC_2213

Let your feet feel renewed, comfortable and warm with these puppies.


Last, recover some of your space or renew your space. Let your imagination figure out how to use this space.


Cheerleading Competition: Middle and High School

Saturday my wife and I  went to Georgia College in Milledgeville,Georgia, where our granddaughter was in the cheerleading competition in the middle school division. We met our son, his wife and our granddaughter at the college.

Our grand daughter is in the Effingham Middle School competition cheer team and the Effingham middle school football cheer team

Middle School Football

DSC_2375 copy

DSC_2394 copy

Middle School Cheerleaders

DSC_2387 copy

We had an opportunity to see her cheer along with her team mates at a foot ball game a couple of weeks ago. She takes cheering very seriously, comes home after school, before she does her homework, and is out on the trampoline practicing her flips.  This is a daily ritual, barely a minute to spare to visit with grandma and grandpa, of course we understand after all she is now twelve.

The years that she would spend hours with us, was a close bonding time. Now at this precious age she has other things on her mind, like spending time with her friends and making new ones.  This Day however, this is competition, this is to see how a team can come together and are judged against other teams. This is for all the brass tacks or should I say for the Gold Trophies. This is their whole world- what they live for- especially at this age and why they have been putting in hours and hours of practice.

I was so disappointed that I didn’t get any pictures of my granddaughters team doing their routines, I had trouble with my camera. We were not allowed to use flash and I couldn’t turn off the flash. Someone finally helped me shut off the flash but to late to take pictures of my granddaughter’s team’s competition.

I was able to take photos of a few other schools.   See below:


Our granddaughter is at the toe of that shoe. Same granddaughter that is in the photo on my blog of “Weekly Photo Challenge Close” where she has her head on grandpa’s shoulder.


The photos below are high school cheerleader.




The great news her school Effingham Middle School got first place of all the middle grade schools,got first place in Lib, which they are doing in this photo and Grand Champion for all of the middle grade schools. We are all so proud of her and the team. What a great bunch of girls!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge


I rummaged through my photos, past and present.   I came up with several that I thought would work.

I would like to post something that stays with the theme of, MERGE.

I have one photo that I thought would qualify but after checking it out it didn’t quite make the grade. If I had shot a little to the left it would have been perfect. As you can see I needed to get the water in the picture. Then it would fit the theme. When I get back in that area I’ll see if I can redo this photo.

DSC_2296 copyThis is what I am going to post for MERGE.

Old rock with a natural hole meets modern day man.

DSC_0967 copy Architectural designs with street.scene.

I hope y’all like it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship


This is my take on friendship. If you guessed, they are my granddaughters.

On a trip to old Savannah,GA to eat at Paula Deen’s Restaurant, I couldn’t resist taking these and many more photos of our excursion. These Photos capured the theme of Friendship. In my humble estimation.




New friend!