Weekly Photo Challenge: One–Point of View


My Post is going to be on one subject.  Actually on several subjects because they are from the same litter. That is going to be my one point of view.

My wife and I rescued  this litter after their mother could no longer take care of them. They were the cutest little guys and gals. Keeping them in our motor home was quite a chore, until they were old enough to find them good homes. They would cry all times of the night, that made it hard for us to get much sleep. It was to cold to keep them penned up outside.

They were like any other kind of baby, you had to constantly clean up after them. Thank God we had tile floors and that made it easier to clean up. We had to get a couple of baby bottles in order to feed them. they were only about a week old when we rescued them. We took them to the Vet had them checked out and give them all there puppy shots.

It was sad to see them all gone, we even thought of keeping at least one of them. We kept them until they were five weeks old.  My wife would have a half a dozen dogs if we had the property for them.

DSC_0027 copy

This one we thought about keeping.

DSC_0047 copy

This is another one we thought we might want to keep, it was hard giving them all up. We loved them while they were with us.

DSC_0052 copy

DSC_0055 copy

All photos were shot when they were about four weeks old. The puppies are Blue (Heelers) or something like that.

Sony Telephoto Lens

I get a lot of emails from Nikon, Sony, Hp. and a few more techy. Today I saw something that I’ve never seen before and thought I’d pass it on.

This is a telephoto lens that snaps on your smart phone. It was sent to me in a email by Sony. DSC- Q x10 smart phone attachable lens 10x optical zoom.

I don’t have a smart phone nor do I have a dumb phone I just think this is way cool.  If I had this model smart phone I would probably have this lens. How neat would it be to have an attachment for a 10x optical.



Just thought I’d pass this on.             Merry Christmas

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


The photographs that popped up in my mind was some that I took in Cheyenne , WY.
We just stopped over for a day or two and stayed for a month. While we were there they held a state pumpkin competition. We saw an article in the local paper and decided to go and watch. You could feel the compassion and the sense of community in the air. It was fun to see all these huge pumpkins that only have a 90 day growing season.
I decided I wouldn’t want to go on a pumpkin diet.

This people brought a couple of pumpkins and there daughters. The girls seem very happy and enjoying the weigh in.DSC00374 copy

These guys are all competitors and everyone was jumping in the help each other with there measuring and weighing.

DSC00404 copy

This grandpa and his granddaughters were real proud of there pumpkin that weighed in about 500 pounds.

DSC00406 copy 2

All these people are waiting to have there pumpkin weighed. This was just a small part of the crowd that was there.

DSC00393 copy 2

The guy on the right in the gray shirt took the championship.

DSC00421 copy

This was the champion!

DSC00419 copy

We had a good time and stayed for the whole show.

There is one other picture of community that I want to show and that is this little boys community of his stuffed characters that he so proudly displayed for me.

DSC_1937 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand


Just recently there was a news article about a very large boulder at one of our national parks that a couple of boy scouts leveraged with the aid of a pole toppled the rock from were is sat for millions of years.

Having worked for the Army Corp of Engineers for a couple of years, one of the things you are not to do is deface government property.

Which brings me back to this photograph. This rock has probably been setting here in the Grand Canyon for millions of years.

I’ve had the enjoyment of visiting the Grand Canyon a couple of times and each time it takes my breath away. It is so amazing, deep and beautiful with all the rock formations.   I could probably go back there several more times and feel the same way. Sometimes you you see something and you can never get enough of it.

DSC_1483 copy

If you have been following my blog , then you probably know that we have been motor homing in our RV’s for several years. We bought a house back in January this year and this will be our first Christmas in this house.  Our son, his wife and our grand daughter came up on Nov 23, 2013. Our grand daughter wanted to decorate a Christmas Tree for us. WE went into town and bought a tree. From the time she got here almost until she left she slept. It seems that she had been on a field trip to Washington DC with kids from her school for a few days and did some late nights. That’s okay at least she came to see us or was it we saw her catching some ZZZZ.  We love her any way.

Our Daughter-in law decorated the tree. Don’t you think she did a great job?  She decorated the tree while our son and I cut fire wood, He did most of the work.

DSC_3571 copy

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays.