Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Post a Week                                                                                                 Feb. 28,2014

I was In the vicinity Of Gulfport, Miss. about 18 months after hurricane Katrina hit. Gulfport was a town that my wife and I had  spent several three or four days trips at a time coming and going across the United States. We were very fond of the town,so we wanted to see how bad the storm had damaged it. Being a photographer – I took many pictures of the devastation.  This is really Abandonment to the extreme.

DSC_0683 copy

DSC_0685 copy

DSC_0704 copy

DSC_0718 copy

DSC_0732 copy

Hurricane Katrina on August 29,2005 leaving 238 people dead, 67 missing in the
Gulf coast of Mississippi and billions of dollars in damages.

Weekly Photo challenge:Love


Our granddaughter and our grandson and Three of the dogs we had over the years. The big black & white one we still have. The other two are fond memories of how much fun we had with them while they where still with us and how much we loved them. 

DSC_0131     DSC_0607   Cliffie & Bingo     The Boys 005 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge:Illumination

Postaweek/ postaday

I had some super large Christmas Trees all lit up with hundreds and hundreds of bulbs, that I shot down at Cypress Gardens a few years ago. I have so many photos that I could not find them in time.

I decided to use these photos instead. I know I’m a little late but I haven’t been well for a few weeks. I hope y’all will forgive me.DSCN0108


This is new photo art.  This picture could never be duplicated.  I can’t think of anyplace prettier and more illuminated than LAS vegasDSCN0104

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal


A house being rebuilt after Katrina in Gulfport,Mississippi. Compared to the devastation, this is definitely renewal. Hopefully people in Hurricane Sandy can move along faster then it is now and faster than it took Katrina. This photo was shot 18 months after the storm.


Renewing a slice of the dock in Savannah,Georgia on the Savannah River. It took a crane boat to put this square block of concrete in it’s place you can see it in the lower right corner of the photo. There is several men (dock workers’) trying to work it into place.DSC_2213

Let your feet feel renewed, comfortable and warm with these puppies.


Last, recover some of your space or renew your space. Let your imagination figure out how to use this space.


Weekly Photo Challenge:Foreign


February 19,2009 my wife and I went to Los Algodones,MX  So I could have some dental work done. It was the last year that you could get across the border without a passport, all you needed was a drivers license from the United States.

The lines were horrendous. Up the street around the corner then up another city block. It would take hours to get back across the border. We knew this so went and checked out the line to make sure and sure as heck it was way long.



We decided to go over to the out door canteen and have a margarita while the line went down. When we ordered the drinks they came in these margarita glasses that looked as big as fish bowls. But Dam they where good!  Finishing the drinks I went back to check out the line, it still was long. Came back to canteen and ordered a couple more drinks,that’s one each.


We did not feel any after effects from the drinks until long after we were home. Are motor home was parked about mile or so down the road. I’m not condoning drinking and driving.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


Going through my library of photos, I finally stumbled on what I wanted to post for the weeks challenge. There are a few of them that I like and really don’t want to eliminate any of them. What the heck I’ll post several photos!

These are a series of photos that I took one evening on the Coronado Beach in CoronadoDSC_0502 copy,Ca. We were out with friends for dinner there. After dinner we all decided to stroll along the beach area. I just happened to have my camera with me, of course I most generally do. Had a good dinner and an enjoyable evening.

DSC_0507 copy

DSC_0506 copy

DSC_0512 copy   There you have my contribution for this weeks challenge silhouette.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Near and Far


I love these challenges, it allows me the look at my photos differently. I never really thought of a lot of my photos from a different perspective as to what they could mean to different  words. So I’m having a lot of fun with these challenges. I find them provoking and of course “challenging”.

This is a photo I took in New Port,Oregon. Really clean neat town with some rolling hills,just enough to make it interesting and photographable.

DSC00177 copy

It flows right down this hill into the ocean, maybe I should rephrase that, down the hill TO the ocean. I found that there was plenty to see and photograph here in New Port.

DSC00184 copy

This picture was a fluke. We weren’t even suppose to be here. We stopped in Cheyenne, WY for a short lay over before we went on to Yellowstone National Park. we never made it to the park because of motor home problems and had to return to Cheyenne, where we ended up staying for two more weeks.  That gave us a chance to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.  Let me say the North America has some gorgeous National Parks. My wife and I have had the good fortune to see several of them.

This is Thomson River Gorge going to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

Thomson River Gourge 2

This is a pearl of a beach, I have spent many days in this area. We have camped down at the Strand State Beach in Coronado,CA a few weeks at a time. One time when we were there it was Thanksgiving and we fried a couple of turkeys. My friend’s wife came out of her 5th wheel with a knife,a jar of mayo and a bag of rolls. We sliced up some of that hot turkey and made sandwiches that here out of this world.

 DSC_0488 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


This weeks challenge has thrown me and probably most of us a curve. We don’t knowingly photograph something that is wrong. If we did it’s trash! Out of focus,under exposed, over exposed, subject moved or what ever else ends, up in the trash.

We don’t want anyone to know we goofed or had pictures that didn’t turn out right. Those are the ones we don’t show anyone. After all we’re photographers, we want our work to shine, the best we can do.

I’ve been poring through my photos to find pictures that speak for themselves. Of course there is some explanation necessary, but I wanted it keep it to a minimum.

This is what I came up with for this weeks challenge.

Cars parked on the wrong side of the road facing the wrong direction.

Parked Going Wrong Way and Wrong Side of the Street

We have looking for a house on Strom Thurmond Lake in Georgia.

We have been running all over the place checking out listings.  The problem is most of the listings are miss leading.They’ll say lake front or private dock.or both. This is a photo of a lake front and a private dock.

Lake Front Property with private dock

I’m afraid that this dock hasn’t seen water in a long long time, by the size of the trees.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Funny about this weeks –Photo of the week.

Just this morning we were going on a drive to look at some houses and I wanted to take my camera. I wanted to have some pictures that were current to look at.  The property has to have access to the lake with it’s own private dock and acreage large enough that we could park our motor home. It has to be in our price range. Of course we want the house to be pleasing to us. This requires a lot of photos – so enough about this.

Back to funny about this weeks photo challenge.

This is a picture I took this morning. It looks like a Japanese Parasol.

DSC_2155 copy

It’s not a parasol!  It is some kind of toad stool or mushroom. Just popped up out of the ground since yesterday. It caught my eye because of all the ruffles and the yellow center.