Liebster Award

Marsha, Thank you, you are so nice to think of me for this award the Liebster award. You are such a faithful fellow blogger and wonderful person. I enjoy all your comments and look forward to all future comments.  This is my very first award since I started blogging.  Again thank you. Marsha “tchistorgal”   I’m a little over whelmed at receiving an award because I never got into blogging for rewards.


Thanks Rene and Marsha Lee for this logo.

1. Why did you start blogging?   I wanted  to share my photographs with people.  I spent 5 1/2 years at night school taking photography classes where I had to show my assignments to the class and I entered photos in the Los Angeles County Fair. Then time passed and I wanted to find an avenue to again, begin showing photos.

2. If you could spend a day with someone who wasn’t a family member or close friend, who would it be and what would you want to do and say?  Someone that has a god sense of humor to show me how to use this digital camera the same way I understood my Nikon F3 HP 35mm and show me some or the basics of photo shop.

3.  What is your best quality?    I’m friendly,  personable, easy to talk to, a good listener,   I’ve never asked myself  this question I guess it would be my personality and my sense of humor.

4.     What is the most daring or exotic thing you have done in your life?    A spontaneous trip to Hawaii for three days,with previous wife, but we added two days just before we left. Had a great time.

Or maybe it could  have been the time I was installing some exhaust duck on the outside of a thirteen story building ,down town Los Angeles,CA. I was in a man bucket. [ a man bucket is a small platform with rails around the sides. It has a power driven motor with a 1/4 inch cable hanging over the roof, like a winch.]  The bottom got caught on something and about dumped me out. I did not go back up there to finish the job. I was up on the eighth floor and it scared the hell out of me. me.
5. What book has influenced you the most?  When I read,it is usually books that I can learn from.  The Big Book

Here’s how the Liebster Award works. This Liebster Award requires the award recipients to do the following:
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I would like to nominate the following bloggers for the Liebster award.

Rona Black she love’s photography she constantly is producing good photos. Always a pleasure to see her photos.

Fergimoto whose photography is some of the finest I seen . Fergimoto sometimes will come up with a twist on photography. I Love seeing her work.

Taniamend like many of us has a busy life raising children, yet still  manages to keep her blog going and replying to comments. I like the photos that she puts on line.     http//

Lori Franks writes some funny blogs on “Sunny Side Up” and I enjoy them because they make me laugh. Example  her piece on –  Jack In The Box Buckin’ Chicken Billboard . I found most of her blogs are lite and entertaining Thank Lori !

Teju has a very unique style of writing, I find it interesting and her writing holds my attention. I admire her writing, with part of me wanting to have that ability to write like her.

This is my five questions for the recipients.

1. How long have you been blogging, what do feel attracted most of your followers?

2. What type of  photo equipment do you use when you do your photography?

3. Do you prefer writing your blog or use just photography or both?

4. What would you like your blog to accomplish? Does your blog have a theme?

5. Where do you go when you want to be alone? 

OCTOBER: Photo Challenge

October is the time of the year that the fall season begins.

Hallelujah the end to scorching heat,bugs and constant rain. Trees will start turning beautiful colors, at least in higher elevations, the temperatures start coming down and cooler days are on the horizon. October Fest time, sorry I don’t have any photos of that. Then of course Halloween, costume parties, kids in costumes knocking on your door  “Yelling Trick Or Treat”  How can I forget Pumpkin carving,Jack –O –Lanterns, Ghosts goblins and wicked old Witches.    

These are a few photos that I think represent this time of the year.

DSC00002 copy

DSC00308 Fall Colors Rocky MT NP copy

DSC00309 copy 2

DSC00374 copy

DSC00010 copy

DSC00006 copy

I may have missed it this week but I didn’t see a photo challenge. This is my self -imposed photo challenge. I have tried to at least do a post a week, this is my post a week, hope everyone enjoys it and put y’all in a festive mood.

Cheerleading Competition: Middle and High School

Saturday my wife and I  went to Georgia College in Milledgeville,Georgia, where our granddaughter was in the cheerleading competition in the middle school division. We met our son, his wife and our granddaughter at the college.

Our grand daughter is in the Effingham Middle School competition cheer team and the Effingham middle school football cheer team

Middle School Football

DSC_2375 copy

DSC_2394 copy

Middle School Cheerleaders

DSC_2387 copy

We had an opportunity to see her cheer along with her team mates at a foot ball game a couple of weeks ago. She takes cheering very seriously, comes home after school, before she does her homework, and is out on the trampoline practicing her flips.  This is a daily ritual, barely a minute to spare to visit with grandma and grandpa, of course we understand after all she is now twelve.

The years that she would spend hours with us, was a close bonding time. Now at this precious age she has other things on her mind, like spending time with her friends and making new ones.  This Day however, this is competition, this is to see how a team can come together and are judged against other teams. This is for all the brass tacks or should I say for the Gold Trophies. This is their whole world- what they live for- especially at this age and why they have been putting in hours and hours of practice.

I was so disappointed that I didn’t get any pictures of my granddaughters team doing their routines, I had trouble with my camera. We were not allowed to use flash and I couldn’t turn off the flash. Someone finally helped me shut off the flash but to late to take pictures of my granddaughter’s team’s competition.

I was able to take photos of a few other schools.   See below:


Our granddaughter is at the toe of that shoe. Same granddaughter that is in the photo on my blog of “Weekly Photo Challenge Close” where she has her head on grandpa’s shoulder.


The photos below are high school cheerleader.




The great news her school Effingham Middle School got first place of all the middle grade schools,got first place in Lib, which they are doing in this photo and Grand Champion for all of the middle grade schools. We are all so proud of her and the team. What a great bunch of girls!

Captain: a German Shepard

Captain, adopted by Miguel Guzman in 2005 as a gift for his son. A year or so later MR. Guzman past away.

I’m going to tell you this story because of how much I care for the dogs. That should be apparent from my dog stories that I’ve posted on my blog. My wife has been rescuing dogs since she was a young adult. This story had really pulled the strings of my heart.

The day Mr.Guzman was buried, Captain disappeared. The family looked all over for him but couldn’t find him.

A week later, on Sunday the family visited Mr.Guzman’s grave. When they got to the cemetery their son Damian, who the gift of the dog was for, saw Captain at his dad’s grave site. Captain was so glad to see them, he kept barking and barking as to tell them how much he missed them.

They took Captain home but he would disappear again. Again they would find him sitting on Mr. Guzman grave again they took him home again he disappeared. They would always find him in the cemetery on Mr.Guzman grave..

Captain has been sitting on the grave of Mr.Guzman for six years now.  The cemetery personnel  have been taking care of Captain all of these years. The care takers say that Captain wanders around the cemetery during the day but at 6:00 PM he would come back to Mr.Guzman and curl up and lay down on the grave every night.

The odd part of this story is that the family never took the dog to the cemetery and every time, they brought him home he would always return to Mr.Guzman. Everyone believes that Captain will stay there until he dies.

Isn’t he beautiful !

I read this story on Yahoo and it was written by Eric Pfeiffer,reporter for Yahoo News

Weekly Photo Challenge:Near and Far


I love these challenges, it allows me the look at my photos differently. I never really thought of a lot of my photos from a different perspective as to what they could mean to different  words. So I’m having a lot of fun with these challenges. I find them provoking and of course “challenging”.

This is a photo I took in New Port,Oregon. Really clean neat town with some rolling hills,just enough to make it interesting and photographable.

DSC00177 copy

It flows right down this hill into the ocean, maybe I should rephrase that, down the hill TO the ocean. I found that there was plenty to see and photograph here in New Port.

DSC00184 copy

This picture was a fluke. We weren’t even suppose to be here. We stopped in Cheyenne, WY for a short lay over before we went on to Yellowstone National Park. we never made it to the park because of motor home problems and had to return to Cheyenne, where we ended up staying for two more weeks.  That gave us a chance to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.  Let me say the North America has some gorgeous National Parks. My wife and I have had the good fortune to see several of them.

This is Thomson River Gorge going to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

Thomson River Gourge 2

This is a pearl of a beach, I have spent many days in this area. We have camped down at the Strand State Beach in Coronado,CA a few weeks at a time. One time when we were there it was Thanksgiving and we fried a couple of turkeys. My friend’s wife came out of her 5th wheel with a knife,a jar of mayo and a bag of rolls. We sliced up some of that hot turkey and made sandwiches that here out of this world.

 DSC_0488 copy

Rare Violent Electrical Storm

Thursday, September 6, 2012 7:26pm PDT

Photographer captures stunning images of rare, violent electrical storm

By: Pete Thomas,


I was catching up to date on the news and I ran across this  article that blew me away .

It was on Yahoo,the photos are stunning, I only wish that I was the one to have taken the these but I wasn’t.  Aaron Campbell and some weather photographers took these photos.

Folks in Christchurch, New Zealand, must still be talking about this week’s spectacular electrical storm, described by one meteorologist as a once-in-10-years event, producing severe hailstorms and hundreds of lightning strikes that set the twilight aglow. It was a dream night for weather photographers and Aaron Campbell made the most of the event, capturing a series of stunning images that look almost unreal.

Campbell used a Nikon D800 with the 14-24mm Nikkor lens. The two top images were run through a High Dynamic Range (HDR) program that brings out more vivid and dynamic colors. Campbell achieved the star-like effect with the street lights because of multiple blades on the internal aperture ring.

With photos like this it would be a shame if everyone that is in to photography and many people that is not into photography as much as others.

If you want to see the entire article, you can see it on or:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


I was at an art gallery and saw a framed photo similar to this. I inquired the where about is this area and they told me approximately were it was. Fifteen or so miles south and 9 miles west on a dirt road,I didn’t think I’d ever find it. It was worth the drive because the area was gorgeous. I have pictures to show for it.

I haven’t figured out what I was going to do with this photo, because of the ducks. With this weeks challenge it works for me. What could be more freer than some wild ducks?

DSC_0078 copy

Most of the time when you see a peacock in an area it is to be, like a watch dog. They are allowed to roam free to keep watch or they’re just for show. They sure can be noisy and vicious.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


I love photographing these little creatures. They just amazes me how they can stop in mid air and just stay in a holding pattern. Sometimes they wait there for their turn, other times they attack and chase the other humming birds away.

When I was trying to photograph the humming birds, this day, there were some large birds that kept feeding at the humming bird feeder. I tried to get a picture of those birds but they were just to quick for me. Never did get a picture. It was strange to me because I’ve  never seen anything like that before.

Humming Bird in Flight

Humming Bird in Flight

This little guy was cute as heck and the guy was either brave or stupid. The chipmunk was a wild creature and it could have bitten him. It was a photo moment and I couldn’t resist taken their picture.

Chipmunk 2

Wild hungry chipmunk

I was traveling along the ridge of the Grand Canyon taking pictures,I’ve been here before, this time I wanted to improve on what I did last time. What a breath taking experience and views. This time I was looking for some shots that popped and would have been worth the trip, was grateful that I accomplished  what I came for. I felt if I came away with a couple of really good photos, I’d be happy.  This photo below is one of those shots.

Years ago went to Hawaii on a photo travel trip with my class. I took a picture of a water falls that was  really good. I entered it in the Los Angeles County Fair and won an Honorable Mention. I was  told that if I had a person at the top or bottom of the falls it would have taken a gold medal. So when I saw these two people on that rock, over looking the canyon, Click. Click.

IsTwo Brave Souls 2

Two free brave souls

Sometimes you just have to let the kid out.


One free dude or his he just a little nuts.