Life: Pedicure for Men

Men!!  Women are getting all the best treatment.  Is it because men think that pedicures  are strictly for women or sissies . Well it isn’t!  Men need to take care of  their feet too.

In a medical journal that I read recently, it claimed that more and more men have feet problems. People that have diabetes should have a pedicure  at least every 4 to 6 weeks. Let the pedicurist know not to knick or cut your feet. As we get older it becomes harder to cut are own toe nails. I’ve seen a lot of older people with some horrible toe nails and feet. How ugly it looks to have someone in sandals men or women and their heals full of cracks and calluses.  I know that this is a personal thing and an embarrassing conversation and rightly so.  I went to a podiatrist because I’m a diabetic, to have my feet checked and nails clipped. I think the bill was very expensive not sure exactly what it cost but I remember saying, Wow! When I saw the bill. Let me say this, it’s a lot cheaper to go have a pedicure. Besides the doctor did not message my feet or my legs.

Several years ago my wife talked me in to getting a pedicure.  I was some what embarrassed having a stranger putting their hands all over my feet or anyone for that matter, not that I had smelly feet. So I went and had a pedicure, a little nervous through most of it. I survived and in reality it felt pretty good. The next time, a few months later, I had another pedicure.  Only this time I sat back and enjoyed it. The pedicurist put pink lotion on my legs and feet, I thought couldn’t she use blue, brown or some manly color, then messaged both my feet and my calves. Most of the manicurist / pedicurist that my wife goes to are Oriental, these are the same people that I go to for a  pedicure . The second time that I went and the lady had finished giving me a pedicure I asked her if she could cook. Told her she could ride along with my wife and I in our motor home and tour the country. Her reply about cooking was “Rice”. I don’t think she wanted to tour USA.

I asked today when I got my pedicure, “How many men come in to have a pedicure per week”.

They replied that maybe around 15 to 20 per week. They have nearly that many women in less than a day and a half.

I was doing a job in Woonsocket, RI  with my best friend and his feet were hurting him all the time. I talked him in to going with me to have a pedicure. He enjoyed it immensely. My friend is like most men and wait until they have problems with their feet. If men would go more often they would not have the problems they have with their feet.

Men treat yourself and have a pedicure, you may like it.     By the way I don’t get polish on my toe nails.


It may have?  Yet our dog probably doesn’t think so..  He rarely gives us any sass. He gives loves unconditionally. He doesn’t hold a grudge..When people ask what kind dog is he, I say in a very low, deep southern draw, “He’s a BAD DOG.” They reply a bad dog?. I say yea a big ass dog. We love him to death.


Cooter showed up at our Motor Home in Augusta,GA, when he was two months old. We didn’t want another dog. We had lost two dogs in just two years a few  years earlier due to thier illnesses. That broke our hearts!  Then along comes this puppy and my wife thought he might be hungry and fed him. He kept running back and forth across the busy street in front of our motor home were we were parked. She was afraid that he would get run over. Nancy put him in our motor home. We decided to give him to a neighbor because we where not ready to rescue another dog. A few weeks later, the neighbor told us he was pretty sick.  Nancy said I’ll be right over to get him. Took him to the vet the next day and found out he had parvo !


Cooter is now six years old and weighs 75 pounds and very much a part of our family.
I’ve been walking behind cooter for six years picking up after him and I think by now I got him figured out. He like to pee on anything thats round like trees, posts, tires, fire hydrants or any other thing thats “around”!

This may sound like your dog and if it does then you know what I’m talking about.


  We all have to start somewhere!  Why not with a weeny roast! This is the night before   I  ventured out to Sedona to shoot some pictures.

Weeny Roast

     The view from the highway driving into Sedona was gorgeous .

Going to Sedona

I couldn’t help but stop along the way and start putting my camera into action. Click, Click, Thank God, for digital cameras, although I learned photography on a manual 35mm camera.

Southwest Houses

How could I resist an antique car,especially a Bently. This was on the way to Sedona. It  is amazing when you ventue out and what you’ll see.


Ok, now on to Sedona.  I don’t know how everyone else is but i get excited when I see an area like this. Of course I’ve been to some places that I wish I hadn’t wasted my gas. But this isn’t one of those places.Click, Click!! I got in town and started walking around and looking for some good shots. There are plenty good photos here. So I get busy and start warming up my camera, this place is hot!

I start shooting pictures but I’m looking for that one photo. I stopped in a gallery and saw some really good photographs. I asked the  owner where those pictures were taken. He explained and it was several miles out of town. Turn on this dirt road to the end turn right and go to the end.This is what I got:

Sometimes we have to go a little further to get that good shot.

Mississippi: The Effects of Hurricane Katrina “Through My Eyes”

Hurricane Katrina, Aug 28/29,2005, did more than destroy New Orleans. It wiped out the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Towns like Gulfport and Biloxi,along Highway 90 were completely destroyed. My wife and I used to go to this area to play mostly at the casinos.

Hwy 90 along the Gulf Coast

I came across these photos recently and athough it has been almost eight years, it brought back many memories: Memories of seeing the hope and determination to rebuild and to bring these wonderful southern towns back to life.It was a beautiful area with lots of things to do and restaurants to get a good meal.

I’m writing this about Mississippi’s Gulfport and Biloxi because  we visited there 18 months after Katrina. I managed to take quite a few photos not knowing what to do with them until now. This is one of the reasons that I wanted to start a blog so that I could tell what I saw and show what I saw.  I think its so sad  and how devastating it was to see all this destruction.

There was quite a few gorgeous antebellum homes. Many of these were Historic Homes now just wiped out. Destroyed! Completely gone, leveled to the ground. It was sad to see what was remaining and what was no longer there. The home of Jefferson Davis and the museum and all the artifacts from the Civil War that was housed in Jefferson’s museum gone. Shell station gone, McDonalds gone, Bicycle club gone and many more businesses gone.

Many many homes are gone, a lot of people left homeless. 90% of the buildings along Highway 90 wiped out. Over 235 people died in Mississippi. The storm created a 28  foot storm surge of water that wiped out nearly everything in its path for 6 to 12 miles inland. “quoted from wikipedia”.  People where scurring for their attics or their roof tops and some clung to trees. It may be one of the largest disasters in the record books of storms in the USA.

House Rubble

ST Peter's Church

St Peter's Church

Building Rubble

Building Rubble

O'Keefe Museum of Art

Mississippi gambling laws required that the gambling part of the casinos ,the slot machines and tables, could not be on land. The casinos built their gambling portions of their casinos on barge, secured  to docks with heavy steel and concrete. All of the steel and concrete was no match for Hurricane Katrina. You will see in my photographs the steel became twisted and mangled useless scrap junk. At the time, that I took these pictures, it still hadn’t been cleaned up or removed. The concrete is broken and waiting for the removal process also. The barges that the slot machines and tables were on were torn away from their mooring and ended up on shore . From what I understood the first floor of the barges were flooded. I imagine that most of those slots where totaled and the tables were probably warped.

After Katrina I believe that Mississippi changed the laws and has allowed the casinos to be built on land.  Casinos are an intricate part of it’s economy.

Casino Magic

Dock where Barge was secured

Barge dock debris still waiting to be removed

When these pictures were taken, about 18 months after Katrina, most of the people that lost so much were still gone and  waiting for help from FEMA. There were several people living in FEMA trailers on the land where their houses use to stand. There was one person that had begun rebuliding. He posted a sign in his yard, “ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY.”

Fema Trailers Housing People that lost their homes

Road to Recovery

There is one photo I took that tugged at my heart because I thought it was so sad yet so beautiful at the same time. It was something that someone wrote on a side board on the beach area, “I’m so sorry Gulfport I Love You.”   “I too Loved Gulfport and Biloxi.”

I shot 70 Pictures  and  had to trim them way back to fit in this blog..  If I had been there 6 months after the hurricane I probably would have shot 200 or 300 pictures. I would have had to write a book. Jim

Best Seat in the House

How often are you in the right place at the right time. This happen to be one of those moments.

The chances to see and be able to photograph  this shot is one of the lucky moments.

I know that photos of the Grand Canyon are really memorable but they are just photos.

Now when you get a chance to have this beautiful scenery be the back drop for a single moment in time you a great photo.

A ran across this scenario a few years ago photographing in Hawaii. I shot this terrific waterfalls  and it was a great shot but when it was judged I was told it did not make a statement. The judge told me if there had been a person some where at the bottom or at the top of the waterfalls it would have captured a moment in time. It did get a honorable mention at the Los Angeles County Fair. There goes some of my experience in photography. This is why I love doing what I do.

Seat with A VIEW.

Two Brave Souls.

What a magnificent view of the Grand Canyon.

I was lucky enough to spend a few times there.

This is one of the most breath taking places I’ve ever seen.

If you get a chance go see it.

Lost Mind

Have you ever gotten an important document or piece of mail, a pair of earrings

that you want to put in a secure place.  You think for a second, I’m going to put it in a safe place.

Several months go by and now you need or want that document or earrings that you put in a secure place.

You search and search  and can’t find it!! Am I losing my gourd. You decided it’s here somewhere and you start tearing

through everything you own looking for it. Still haven’t found  it.

Do you feel like you lost your gourd. Maybe you can find it right here :