Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

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Street scenes from Savannah, Georgia – River Street

This a cobble stone road leading down to river street from the main street that parallels river street. Savannah has shuttle busses from in town to river street because there is very limited parking in that area.

DSC_2187 copy

Shuttle bus

DSC_2183 copy

Balcony dining and looking out over the Savannah River. I don’t remember the name of this place but I do remember they have the best darn Fried Green Tomatoes.

DSC_2193 copy

People gathering in front of the candy store. Good place.

DSC_2206 copy 2

Old trolley tracks

DSC_2208 copy

Savannah River Paddle Boat –”Georgia Queen”

DSC_2205 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: One–Point of View


My Post is going to be on one subject.  Actually on several subjects because they are from the same litter. That is going to be my one point of view.

My wife and I rescued  this litter after their mother could no longer take care of them. They were the cutest little guys and gals. Keeping them in our motor home was quite a chore, until they were old enough to find them good homes. They would cry all times of the night, that made it hard for us to get much sleep. It was to cold to keep them penned up outside.

They were like any other kind of baby, you had to constantly clean up after them. Thank God we had tile floors and that made it easier to clean up. We had to get a couple of baby bottles in order to feed them. they were only about a week old when we rescued them. We took them to the Vet had them checked out and give them all there puppy shots.

It was sad to see them all gone, we even thought of keeping at least one of them. We kept them until they were five weeks old.  My wife would have a half a dozen dogs if we had the property for them.

DSC_0027 copy

This one we thought about keeping.

DSC_0047 copy

This is another one we thought we might want to keep, it was hard giving them all up. We loved them while they were with us.

DSC_0052 copy

DSC_0055 copy

All photos were shot when they were about four weeks old. The puppies are Blue (Heelers) or something like that.

Travel Theme : Architecture

I believe this was in Salt Lake, Utah.

Salt Lake 1 002 copy 2

This is a church in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah 1 004 copy

This was the Civil War, Confederate Powder works,  gun powder factory in Augusta, Georgia.  It was built in 1861/62, after the war it was dismantled. The obelisk, chimney, was left standing as a monument to the Confederacy. The city of Augusta gave custody of the chimney to the Confederate Survivors Association.

DSC_2675 copy

In 1880 Sibley Cotton Mill was built on the same site as the powder works using most of the bricks from the powder works. It was one of the most successful cotton mills which operated up till closing in 2006

DSC_2680 copy


DSC_2672 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color


When I saw this challenge for color I knew exactly  what photographsI wanted to show. Unfortunately I first had to find them, I have many containers of photographs that I have  taken over the years. It turned out they where not as hard to  find after all.

I love the carousel horses. These had recently been restored so their colors are brilliant and their faces beautiful and shiny.  They look as if each one had a story about every rider that has ever climbed on, for a ride around the carousel. I know I have had many a ride aboard these majestic colorful beasts, myself.

As an adult it is wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of the children riding the carousel at Santa Monica pier in CA. I use to go there often with friends and theirs and my kids to take them to ride the carousel.

When my wife and I would fly in from Los Angeles to Savannah,GA we would take are our grandkids to the Savannah Mall so they could ride the carousel there.They would ride it over and over and over until we finally had to tell them that was enough.

Carosel horse 1 001 copy

Carosel Horse 2 001 copy

Carosel Horse 3 001 copy

Carosel Horse 4 001 copy

This my interpretation of not only color but of life.

Travel theme: Transportation


In looking through my folders of photos, I was amazed at how many photos that I had to fit in this category. Cee your right this is a fun post.


DSC_2205 copy        DSC_2723 

DSC_2742        DSC_2767  

DSC_2752        DSC_2728

DSC_1025       DSC_1074

That’s enough, you get the picture. I have many more but I never really thought about transportation. I just like something and I shoot it.             Merry Christmas to all