Last Red Maple Leaf of Autumn

Red Maple Leaf! The last red leaf of Autumn in Olmstead Park.

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Olmstead Park Augusta,Georgia


Have no fear that everything is going to be brown or dismally drab and non colorful. Not true because Mother Nature provides a replacement for the colorful leaves on the trees. With a holly tree full of red bears.  Beautifully green leaves with all the bright red berries that sparks up the park for all to enjoy.

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Then there is the beautiful white rose shaped tea camellias, that are growing on several trees in the park.

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Did I mention that with all of this beauty there is a small lake, with several ducks to feed along the shoreline. My motor home is sitting across the street where we can see the park and walk our dogs.

Only 26 more days of escrow before we move in our home up on the lake. We have our own Dock where we can park a boat and go fishing everyday.

Veterans Day

Holiday honoring veterans: in the United States, a legal holiday honoring former members of the armed forces. November 11.

That is the explanation that I found in the Dictionary. Not that I  didn’t know what it was all about, being a veteran myself.

Today for lunch my wife and I went to Outback Restaurant, here in Augusta,Georgia.  They where honoring Veterans by giving them a Blooming Onion for an appetizer and a beer on the house. I felt honored. Thank You Outback! There was a lot of other restaurants here in town that were also honoring veterans, we chose Outback because we have eaten there before and all the personal are really nice.

Today is the day that we honor are Soldiers from the different  Wars 1 & 2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan that died fighting for our country.  Many a soldiers  grave will be adorned  with an American Flag to give thanks for there service to our nation.  Lots of cities and towns will hold parades. I was watching TV this morning and a Veteran group that was donating coats to people in The New york,Long Island and New Jerseyarea due to Hurricane Sandy. There are still people without electricity and have lost all their belongings and are also with out heat. I thought to myself that here we are suppose to honor are veterans and they are busy helping people that have lost everything.

A couple a days ago we, my wife & I  and the dogs, were driving to our son’s house in Guyton,Georgia and decided to stop in Scarboro,Georgia. We pulled off the highway on a side road to let the dogs out. We have to pass a little cemetery. We’ve been down this road before never paid that much attention to the cemetery  but on the way out we noticed something different about the cemetery. Several of the graves had flags on them. We stopped to check it out because the flags were Confederate  Flags. Me, not being from here I didn’t know what to make of it. My wife informed me that this is a Confederate Cemetery and their descendants or friends posted Confederate Flags to honor the  soldiers of the Civil War.


This a statue that is in down town Augusta in Honor of the Confederate Soldiers.     On the Front side: Which I couldn’t enlarge enough for y’all to be able to read it. So I copied it.

The Confederate Soldiers Won   who gave themselves in life and in death for us: for the honor of Georgia.
For the rights of the States.
For the Liberties of the People.
For the Sentiments of the South.
For the Principles of the Union.
As these where handed down to
Them by the Fathers of Our Common Country.

Having been born in in the north I never paid much attention to the Confederate States. Now I’m here in the South and having traced my roots to the South, it has been apparent to me that if, my parents hadn’t moved to the north I’d been a southerner. Most of the time I think that I must have been from the South, the way I like Grits,collards, Beans, Venison and chicken fried steak.

What I saw, I was so impressed that I tried to take some photos. This is history and I’m standing right in the middle of it. My mind was racing with thoughts of who were these people and how did the live. What was it like for them fighting there brethren of the North. A lot of the questions I was thinking, I’ve read in books or saw at the movies. Now I’m in the south and this is were the civil war happened.






Just a week ago Augusta,Georgia had a Photo Festival and one of the field trips was to  photograph a local cemetery. I opted out , I’m not a cemetery kind of guy. At least That is what I thought a week ago.

Happy Veterans Day and Thank You Veterans for your Service.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment


I was thinking what am I going to do today for this weeks challenge. I noticed a couple of bike riders riding passed my motor home. So what the heck this is what I came up with.

DSC_2042 copy

This fleeting moment is when the truck was whole and in good condition and the next moment it was a wreck. I’m sorry!

DSC_0062 copy