Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected


We have had quite a few Red Cardinals around our house and my wife loves to watch them and feed them. We did have one that my wife thought was partially blind. It would approach the bird feeders with wings flapping like a humming bird, very slowly, as not to fly into anything. My wife would stand near and nearer to the bird feeders when that bird was near and talk to it. She eventually got to touch the blind bird.

But then we went away for several days and there wasn’t anyone here to feed them,the bird never came back.  We were very sad.

I’m telling you this story because there is a house not far from us that always has buzzards flying around it, setting on the chimney or on the tree at the back of the house.

DSC_3087 copy

DSC_3089 copy

DSC_3091 copy

DSC_3080 copy B

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


The habit that I have today, that is the present, is to get up in the morning pour myself a cup of coffee then let my dogs out. This is a habit I hope to keep for along time. DSC_3555 copy

Just to right of that shed is the path going down to the lake.


DSC_3563 copy

What we also have is a awesome view like this off of our front porch. In the fall the trees start turning color and what a magnificent view. If it still warm enough we sit out on the porch we’ll have our coffee out there.

When  the dogs get tired of chasing deer or squirrels down in the in the woods they come home. I had many a year of having to walk my dogs two to three times a day now we just  open the door let them outside. We don’t have any or many neighbors so it is not a problem. Or if it is hot they run down to the lake and jump in, that is the little dog, the bird dog won’t go outside to do his business if it is sprinkling.

Now thank you Veterans’ for your service. Coming from a Navy veteran. Thank You.

DSC_3567 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


I was walking my dog one evening about dusk when all of a sudden hundreds of birds started swarming over head. My first thought was run back in the house and grab my camera but when I came back out all I could think about the movie The Birds. You may not call this eerie but it sure was spooky to me. I remember what the birds did in that Hitchcock movie. Take as you wish eerie or just darn right spooky.

I want to give thanks to, Leanne  Cole Photography,  for helping me to enhance this photo.

DSC_2969 copy