Weekly Photo Challenge:Urban

I never really got into street photography were we lived. I did a few trips to down town Los Angeles to photograph different parts of down town, unfortunately it was 35mm and their in a container sitting in storage. I can’t get my hands on them right now.

We haven’t lived there since May 1997. We been living in our motor homes and traveling around the country.

One city that we have spent a lot of time in is Las Vegas, being only 288 miles from home, why not! It was a lot of fun and always had a good time, never got bored and there never was shortage of good food.

Here is a few photos that I have taken of down town Las Vegas .It was renovated a few years ago to bring more customers to the down town area.


Several streets were closed off for the renovation.


Casinos with there top entertainment and games of chance, that they have to offer are plentyful.

Then there is the laser light show, that always attracts a large crowd.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge


I rummaged through my photos, past and present.   I came up with several that I thought would work.

I would like to post something that stays with the theme of, MERGE.

I have one photo that I thought would qualify but after checking it out it didn’t quite make the grade. If I had shot a little to the left it would have been perfect. As you can see I needed to get the water in the picture. Then it would fit the theme. When I get back in that area I’ll see if I can redo this photo.

DSC_2296 copyThis is what I am going to post for MERGE.

Old rock with a natural hole meets modern day man.

DSC_0967 copy Architectural designs with street.scene.

I hope y’all like it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


This weeks challenge has thrown me and probably most of us a curve. We don’t knowingly photograph something that is wrong. If we did it’s trash! Out of focus,under exposed, over exposed, subject moved or what ever else ends, up in the trash.

We don’t want anyone to know we goofed or had pictures that didn’t turn out right. Those are the ones we don’t show anyone. After all we’re photographers, we want our work to shine, the best we can do.

I’ve been poring through my photos to find pictures that speak for themselves. Of course there is some explanation necessary, but I wanted it keep it to a minimum.

This is what I came up with for this weeks challenge.

Cars parked on the wrong side of the road facing the wrong direction.

Parked Going Wrong Way and Wrong Side of the Street

We have looking for a house on Strom Thurmond Lake in Georgia.

We have been running all over the place checking out listings.  The problem is most of the listings are miss leading.They’ll say lake front or private dock.or both. This is a photo of a lake front and a private dock.

Lake Front Property with private dock

I’m afraid that this dock hasn’t seen water in a long long time, by the size of the trees.

Purple Revisited: Purple

Last week I was at the Old Augusta,GA “Flea Market”

I saw a lovely couple walking towards me with a stuffed animal in the man’s shirt pocket. The stuffed animal was purple.

I asked them if I can take their picture. The lady snatched the animal from her husband, then put in her blouse. I told them I have this photo blog on the internet and I would like to use their picture on the blog. .

Here is their photos:

. Aren’t they a sweet couple.

DSC_2114 copy.

DSC_2116 copy

This is my photo of:  PURPLE REVISITED

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Funny about this weeks –Photo of the week.

Just this morning we were going on a drive to look at some houses and I wanted to take my camera. I wanted to have some pictures that were current to look at.  The property has to have access to the lake with it’s own private dock and acreage large enough that we could park our motor home. It has to be in our price range. Of course we want the house to be pleasing to us. This requires a lot of photos – so enough about this.

Back to funny about this weeks photo challenge.

This is a picture I took this morning. It looks like a Japanese Parasol.

DSC_2155 copy

It’s not a parasol!  It is some kind of toad stool or mushroom. Just popped up out of the ground since yesterday. It caught my eye because of all the ruffles and the yellow center.