Coronado Hotel and Beach

This just popped up on yahoo and because I spend so much time in San Diego it grabed my attention. Plus I’ve photographed this same hotel  and beach.

San Diego’s Coronado beach named the best in U.S.

APBy Julie Watson | AP – 3 hours ago

Coronado Beach near San Diego, Calif., was named Dr. Beach’s Best Beach in the U.S. (Getty Images)

CORONADO, Calif. (AP) — Like a Hollywood star, Coronado’s 1.5 mile-long beach literally sparkles, thanks to the mineral mica glinting in its sand.

This is just a partial article on Yahoo a few hours ago.

Why it is so striking to me is because I took a picture at night of the Coronado Hotel   hand held, it shows some hand shaking. This is such a gorgeous and luxurious hotel.

DSC_0499 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer


These are a few photos that mean summer to me.

Grilling hot dogs over an open fire.DSC_0020 copy

Camping and playing down at the nearest lake to keep cool.

DSC_0232 copy 

Crabbing in the local bay.DSC00206 copy

Or just traveling checking out new places or beautiful water falls.

burney falls_1

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands


I have several hand photos.



Grand daughter, Taking a picture of me while I’m taking a picture of her.


Trainer riding killer whale, Look Ma! No hands!

DSC_1177 copy

Sky Ride, Wife & Granddaughters on Sky ride. Soon to be upside down going through the loops while hands in the air. Did I mention Screaming!!

DSC_1145 copy

Grand Daughters, Looking from inside the aquarium.


A young lady taking pictures of the killer whale show.


Hollywood Here I Come

My dog wants to be in the movies. I think he does, because he’s always posing for me.

“Heh! Dad which is my best side.  Here take a few more pictures lets see.”  I shoot more pictures and more pictures. We have a bunch of the usual D O G pictures. We have  to figure out his good side because this may be for Hollywood.   So he thinks!

Which one do you think is his good side?


Or maybe this pose?


Or is  it this side?


Of course I’m just kidding everyone knows Dogs can’t talk.

You probably can figure out I love my “Cooter” dog.

Just for fun.

Super Moon

I’m in ORO Valley, Marana, AZ.  Drove over to this mountain range in Oro Valley because I wanted to take some photos.  What I was excited about is that the moon was hanging right over the top of the mountain range. Maybe if I had stayed a little later I could have gotten a shot of the  big round orange super moon.

A super moon is a full moon with the closest approach to the Earth,it is in the largest apparent size of the moon as seen from Earth.

This is a couple of shot that I took.

I didn’t know it was going to be a super moon. I would have waited until midnight if necessary to got those eye popping shots.

Asparagus on the Grill

Years ago my wife and I were hosting a camp ground. A camper showed me this recipe.

Take off the tough bottom part of the asparagus. If you take a stalk and grab it near the bottom of the stalk then up towards the middle then just snap it. That is usually where they should be cut to get rid of the tough part. Some of the tough part maybe useable if you want to peel it until you get to the tender part or you can use those parts in a soup . I usually  buy two bunches for the two of us.

Two bunches of asparagus –rinse & let dry

Drizzle with EVOO

salt & pepper  to taste

garlic powder  sprinkle lightly

put on grill, griddle or fry pan lightly brown all over keep turning

Put them in bunches on foil put a couple of teaspoons of salsa on top and seal them tight

Place back on the grill for several minutes  -you just want to steam them with the salsa for a little while – I would say 4 to 5 minutes keep your flame down low.

You may have to make some adjustments

Hope you enjoy. We sure do.

I’m sorry folks this is how I learned how to fix them.