Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple


This is a couple of photos from the laser light show in down town Las Vegas. Years ago Las Vegas blocked off a few blocks, then installed this curved cover over the streets. They put in laser lights system to entertain the public and to bring more business to down town. The show is great.

Down town has several very good casinos. My wife and I would go down town to the Golden Nugget to play the slots and stay for their early breakfast specials that started after 11:00 pm. It was New York strip steak and eggs, hash browns and coffee for $1.95.

We got married in Vegas. We just couldn’t get the flying Elvis’s to join are wedding party.




8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

    • I just double checked and two photos of purple flowers are there. Thank you for stopping by. Stefanini I see the flowers as purple two different shades.

      • Yes, but that’s another post… in this one there aren’t 🙂 there are just so many purple-flower-shots in this challenge. that’s why i like your no-purple-flower-shot

      • I’m sorry I misunderstood your first comment, Your right! After Iposted the flowers I too saw that it seemed like eveyone was posting flowers, that ‘s why I posted the second post, Thank you again. Jim


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