A Word A Week Challenge: Unexpected

– A Word A Week –                                               2013/7/20

Two Brave Souls 2

I never expected to see two people sitting on  the edge of these rocks with their legs hanging over, with the canyon being several thousand feet down. I have been to the Grand Canyon a few times but I have never saw this before. Looking at the picture you can see that the person in the foreground is not as comfortable as the other person, see the way he/she is leaning back. I would call  this a moment in time, that is, you may never see this again.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


This was a change for me because after falling off ladders a couple of times, I’m a little nervous about height. So going up in a hot air balloon was a big change for me.

scan0007 copy

This was a change , I never have seen a horse walking on the roof of a mobile home before. We were in Cheyenne,WY . Had just gotten in about dusk on a Saturday. Got up on Sunday morning, opened up the front drapes in the motor home and there was this horse walking on the roof. Had to take a picture of this.

Horses on roof Cheyenne,Wy copy

What was a big change is moving from our house in California into our motor home. I don’t do change very well. For almost 6 months I would tell my wife how much I miss our home. I got over it and went on to live in our motor homes for the next 15 years.

This January we bought a house . Our motor home is sitting idle for now, that is we plan to take trips. I’m struggling inside of myself because I miss being on the road, in our motor home. I’m slowly adjusting by staying busy and filling our life with new things to do. Our house is bordered on the lake of 71,000 acre feet and 1200 miles of shore line. We are just beginning to get out on the lake  in the pontoon boat, cruise and fish.

DSC_3150 copy

DSC_3149 copy

DSC_3163 copy

The woods are sprinkled with dogwood trees in blossom.


Cee’s Foto Challenge: Circles and Curves

I tried and tried to get this peacock to get perpendicular to me. He just didn’t want to       cooperate. I real believe he was showing his best side.

When this challenge from Cee came up, what better place the show the peacock’s feathers, With all it’s circles and curves.

The perch with this bird on it, I liked the curves and the color of the bird.

 The water way has a great feel and flow about it

Weekly Photo Challenge": Color


DSC_2230   Taffy MachineDSC_2728

This a Packard La Salle ambulance, I think I’m right I938 or 39. I had it written down but I can’t remember where I put it. It’s very rare and very collectable. It was being restored to it’s original condition in a body shop in Augusta,GA on Broad street.




DSCN0772Hatch,NM   We were there for the Hatch chilies festival, this is the harvest of the chilies. Their chilies are sought-after by chefs, stores and individuals across the country. They produce the long johns/slim jims/Anaheim chilies. All of the same as far as I know. Vendors had drums with a lot of small holes in it and they would dump a whole burlap bag of the these long green chilies in the drum and start turning crank handle on the drum, with a torch blazing away began roasting the chilies. We bought a small bag of the roasted chilies- I say small by most other peoples bags and it still was 30 pounds. We put them in freezer bags , gave a lot of them to friends. It was a blast.


This one of my favorite colors.

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life


Moving into our new home!

Living in our motor homes for 15 years,we do not have any furniture. We sold all furniture with the last house we owned.

It is crazy busy all the time. Trying to make decisions on how we want things arranged, running around town buying furniture.  We had to start from scratch. Living room furniture, bed room sets etc.

Create a pad for our Motor Home. Buy a pontoon boat to go with the dock on the lake. Chop wood for the fire place so that it would help cut down on the heating bill.

I  think it will never stop raining here!  I’m from southern California and everyone knows it don’t rain in So California.

DSC_3054 copy

Just beginning to move into our new home.


Finally got a new home for our Motor Home.


Getting the boat ready for the lake.

DSC_3163 copy

Boat finally down at the Dock of the Bay.


We live on Strom Thurman Lake in Lincolnton Georgia.

This is still a life in progress and a home in the making.

We have been blessed to have done all the things we have done  and been all the places that we have been. Thank you God.