A Word A Week Challenge – Bisect

Aug 8,2013
This archway was bisected into two archways.

DSC_1805 copy

Onion was bisected.DSC_3426 copy

The sunset was bisected by the water.Hawaii Sunset 1 001 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

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Right after a storm. I bet the people that were caught in this storm were glad to see the rainbow as a sign that the storm was over.

Maui Rainbow 1 001 copy

Just before a storm.  I was in this storm and there was lighting and rain. I didn’t expect a storm of this magnitude, nor did I expect the storm in the first place. I was just out with the family playing miniature golf, when all of a sudden these clouds rolled in and a little while later boom the storm hit..

DSC_1766 copy

I looked up the word foreshadow and the dictionary gave me this insight.:be warning of: to indicate or suggest something, usually something unpleasant, that is going to happen.

So I felt that this fit the challenge.  I’m sure that if this person had been fore warned that this accident was going to happen – he would have chosen a different route.

DSC_0062 copy

Here again how would this person circumvent this disaster, unless he/she had an inkling that there truck would catch fire at this given time.

DSC_0127 copy

So you see there are different ways to interpret the challenge word for the week “Foreshadow”  In my limited estimation.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

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A few years ago I went to Maui with my photography class of 16/17 classmates for a photography trip of 10 days.  We would go from photo hot spot to photo hot spot. We would all be photographing the same thing. So I just watched what everyone else was doing so I decided to shoot the same thing but a little different.

Are teacher, Mr. King, was a very good teacher and would let you know what you were doing wrong and how to correct it. Well, in Maui we had 5 days of shooting then we had to turn in our rolls of 35 mm slide film. He arranged to have all the film sent to Honolulu for developing and shipped back the next day.

We had to put together 15 slides to present for a slide show and critique in two days. Problem was that there was only one projector. Some people had 12 to 17 boxes of 36 slides they wanted to go through before they passed along the projector.

I found out who had the projector and went to see if they where done with it.  The couple said,  they needed it a little longer because, between them they had 17 rolls each of slides and were having a hard time collecting 15 slides each for the critique. I went back to my room and thought what did I do wrong because I only had two rolls of 36.

When I got the projector, I started sorting through my slides and discovered that I had a hard time submitting only 15. I still felt I must have been doing something wrong. Did I miss a field trip or two. Thursday came and it was time for the critique. I was very nervous because I must have forgotten something. It was finally my turn to show my slides and was preparing for the chorus of how bad my photos were. In stead to my surprise Mr. King complemented me on 8 out of the fifteen slides.

When we got back to the states class mates started thinking about getting what pictures  they wanted to enter into the Los Angeles Fair. When it became time to get are fair pictures ready people were scurrying  around to get there photos developed and mounted for the show. Everyone was allowed to enter 4 prints, and there was several categories. This was the first time that I would enter 4 prints, last year I only entered two. The fair had there judging and only the winners were displayed. Two of my photos from Maui were displayed, one won a Gold Medal and the other an Honorable Mention.

The reason I’m telling this story is that I never thought I was very good at photography, because I didn’t know how to draw a straight line without a ruler. I wasn’t artistically  inclined  so I had to learn what makes a good photo. That took a lot of practice. I would shoot two rolls of 36 per month and have them printed so I could see how they turned out.  Today with digital cameras and computers it is a lot cheaper.

I took 51/2 years at night school with Mr.King – he was a good instructor.

This is a few photos that I have that I think are very good. There are many more but I didn’t want show an album or two.

DSC_0965 copy

DSC_3417 copy

Two Brave Souls 2

DSC_1466 copy 11

DSC_0067 copy

I know that there is much more for me to learn especially with all this digital age ,photo shop and computers. That may happen at sometime but not today.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves



I was thinking of posting a picture of the Golden Arches of McDonalds, Lord knows that I have been there enough times. Then I thought about Bridges with there magnificent cures or how about roads that I have driven over with our motor home, with some of them so curvy that I thought the back end of the motor home was catching up with the front. I thought any of those photos would be great, but I have decided to post photos of natural curves, ones that nature made.

The first one of course is the Grand Canyon with a tree that gave me a natural curvature and framed of the Grand Canyon. What a beautiful view!


This photo was taken in Lassen National Park with the natural curvature of the stream with beautiful green grass and tree lined pasture, the mountains in the back ground with snow on them. I feel that this is another great photo depicting  the natural curvature in nature.

Lassen Nat Park copy

I have another photo similar to this photo that I took in Maui that I entered in Las Angeles County Fair that Won a Gold Medal. I’ll have to see if I can find it and put on my blog some time. Here we have two curves, one is the curvature of the mountain and the other in the curvature of the rainbow ,with the sugar cane in the fore ground. 

Maui Rainbow 1 001 copy

I don’t have a clue were I took this picture and don’t even like spiders. This spider was very cooperative, I know that because he/she didn’t bite me. I took this picture because I like the way the web looked with all the intersections, the curvature of the web. I’m posting it because I have never posted it anywhere before and couldn’t find a better place or theme to use it.

Spider 001 copy

These are my entry’s  for this challenge of curves.