Weekly Photo Challenge:Dialogue



Checking my photographs for a couple of pictures that speak to each other – This is what I came up with – hope you enjoy them.

DSC00321 copy

DSC00322 copy

While I was trying to get my camera out of the back of my truck, these two elk were banging heads. Just as I got ready to photograph them they quit. It looks like they were talking it over and walked away.

DSC00350 copy

DSC00352 copy

A Word A Week: Metallic

This is a photo that I took several years ago . While on the road we decided to stop at the   Cabelas Sport Goods Store in Kearney,Nebraska. I had heard of this store and always wanted to visit one. I was in such an excited state by time we arrived that my camera was buzzing like an amateur hornets nest. Threw out most of all that I learned in photo classes and started clicking away. Shortly after going into the store I regained my senses and began photographing like I knew what I was doing. The store was huge with plenty of photographic possibilities, which I took advantage of.

The fighting elks statue at the front of the store was the first think I saw and photographed.

DSC00435 copy

This stunning horse and cowboy was in front of the capital building in Cheyenne,WY. Cheyenne is a beautiful city, We had a great time exploring while we were there. We went there the visit the Elks Lodge because I heard that it was very old, being an Elks Member I wanted to see it. We spent close to 4 weeks in Cheyenne.  Visited The Rocky Mountain National Park, Laramie,WY and Wyoming state pumpkin weigh in competition. If I knew ahead a time I was going to take this picture I would have brought my pressure washer and tidied up this horse and ryder.

DSC00285 copy

We came across Abe in a rest area or tourist area. We were on our way back from Laramie going to our motor home in Cheyenne,WY, but I don’t exactly remember were. I do remember that my Dog didn’t like him and wouldn’t stop barking. We tried to show him it was  okay but he still barked.

DSC00300 copy

Living the Dream:”How Do You Relax”

Twenty years now I’ve been retired and living the dream, almost, it took a couple of years to learn how to slow my a— down.  I’m a type A personality, all the years I’d worked I go 90 to nothing in 2.3 seconds. I go like a bat out of hell, then I’d crash. Nothing ever came easy for  me so it seemed like I was always stressed. Then one day it hit me and I said to myself, “you need to learn how to relax.” Well when you are like me that doesn’t come easy for a type A personality. I started changing my habits,trying to learn – How to relax.

We bought our first motor home in 1994, now  we’re in our fourth. We’ve been riding around the USA in our motor homes, visiting a lot of different states, cities, towns,,rivers, lakes,national parks and stayed at parks in the mountains and on the beaches of two oceans,also a gulf.  We have made many many friends all around the country. That was our dream and we have been living it for at least 16 years of the 20 years that I’ve been retired. This is our present motor home.

163 copy

The motor home is only part of our dream, when driving down the road it is like sitting in your living room and the scenery is changing.   Those two bright spots in this picture, maybe a UFO. I don’t know?  I knew one day those Martians’ would catch up with me. Ha-ha

When we get to were we are going we kick back and relax. We sit outside in the mornings and drink our coffee around the fire pit, and take in the beauty of this gorgeous  lake.

DSC_2621 copy

DSC_2623 copy

DSC_2597 copy

Even our dog likes to travel, of course he has to check all the scents of other canines. .

DSC_2568 copy

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.


OCTOBER: Photo Challenge

October is the time of the year that the fall season begins.

Hallelujah the end to scorching heat,bugs and constant rain. Trees will start turning beautiful colors, at least in higher elevations, the temperatures start coming down and cooler days are on the horizon. October Fest time, sorry I don’t have any photos of that. Then of course Halloween, costume parties, kids in costumes knocking on your door  “Yelling Trick Or Treat”  How can I forget Pumpkin carving,Jack –O –Lanterns, Ghosts goblins and wicked old Witches.    

These are a few photos that I think represent this time of the year.

DSC00002 copy

DSC00308 Fall Colors Rocky MT NP copy

DSC00309 copy 2

DSC00374 copy

DSC00010 copy

DSC00006 copy

I may have missed it this week but I didn’t see a photo challenge. This is my self -imposed photo challenge. I have tried to at least do a post a week, this is my post a week, hope everyone enjoys it and put y’all in a festive mood.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Near and Far


I love these challenges, it allows me the look at my photos differently. I never really thought of a lot of my photos from a different perspective as to what they could mean to different  words. So I’m having a lot of fun with these challenges. I find them provoking and of course “challenging”.

This is a photo I took in New Port,Oregon. Really clean neat town with some rolling hills,just enough to make it interesting and photographable.

DSC00177 copy

It flows right down this hill into the ocean, maybe I should rephrase that, down the hill TO the ocean. I found that there was plenty to see and photograph here in New Port.

DSC00184 copy

This picture was a fluke. We weren’t even suppose to be here. We stopped in Cheyenne, WY for a short lay over before we went on to Yellowstone National Park. we never made it to the park because of motor home problems and had to return to Cheyenne, where we ended up staying for two more weeks.  That gave us a chance to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.  Let me say the North America has some gorgeous National Parks. My wife and I have had the good fortune to see several of them.

This is Thomson River Gorge going to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

Thomson River Gourge 2

This is a pearl of a beach, I have spent many days in this area. We have camped down at the Strand State Beach in Coronado,CA a few weeks at a time. One time when we were there it was Thanksgiving and we fried a couple of turkeys. My friend’s wife came out of her 5th wheel with a knife,a jar of mayo and a bag of rolls. We sliced up some of that hot turkey and made sandwiches that here out of this world.

 DSC_0488 copy


My wife and I spent one month in Cheyenne,WY partly to enjoy the area and partly to have some work done on our motor home. We happened to be there for the state Pumpkin weigh in for the Wyoming State Championship  The winning pumpkin weighed 673lb 16oz. They only have a 90 day growing season.  This is a picture of the guy who won, on the right  and his son sitting on top of this gigantic pumpkin. WOW! I don’t want to be on that diet!   Guess how many pies you can get out of this Pumpkin?  I don’t have any idea how many pies nor would I want the job.

DSC00421 copy 2

While we were there we decided to go to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  It was unbelievably beautiful and the trees were in process of turning their fall colors. We drove towards the summit, 14,259 feet, we turned around some were between  8,000 /10,000 feet.  It was a good thing or we may have missed the elk down in the valley. There was two  male elk doing the ultimate elk fighting championship. I quickly pulled to the side of the road got out, with my camera but it was to late. The show was over and these are the photos that I did get. We where just a little ways out of the park and we saw these mountain sheep or are they goats climbing up the side of the mountain. someone that probably knows more about this national park Is Mike of : “Mike’s Look at Life”


We had a good time in Cheyenne ,WY.  I have lots more photos and adventure stories from the Cheyenne area but that’s for another time.

Thomson River Gorge

DSC00307 copy 2             DSC00308 Fall Colors Rocky MT NP copy

DSC00309 copy 2             DSC00314 copy 2

DSC00321 copy 2              DSC00322 copy 2

DSC00324 copy 2              DSC00336 copy 2

DSC00352 copy 2              DSC00360 copy 2

DSC00370 copy 2