Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated


DSC_1158 copy

I love the vivid colors of this boat. That’s what caught my eye and my camera’s eye. sunset black 001 copy

This sunset has a lot of color yet the earth is almost black. I felt this was a good saturation of colors.

English Phone Booth 001 copy

The old English Phone Booth was in Arizona next to the London Bridge on the Colorado River. Interesting place with a lot of boaters and swimmers in the water with food places galore.

Silk Flowers 001 copy

These silk flowers were at a booth on Alvera Street in Los Angeles.


Boat Races

Saturday our grandson and a few of his friends came up to our place to go watch the boat races. The races did not start on time. We later found out it was an out law race. It was an unsanctioned race yet the people that organized it wanted all the racers to pay $ 75.00 dollars entry fee . That was voted down by the majority, the races never really got off the water [ground so to speak].  There were a few boats that blew off a little steam and they were great .


The reason I’m writing this post is because of the photography.  When you go along on an outing like this you take your camera and take lots of pictures. The photos are usually not that significant, they are just good to look at and have memories. Once in awhile one of the photos speaks for it’s self.   I’m going to show a few of those pictures.

That is some rooster tail.

DSC_3438 copy

That’s are grandson and one of his buddy’s .

DSC_3434 copy

From this photo you can see everyone is enjoying themselves.

DSC_3461 copy

The next picture speaks for it self. I don’t have to say a single word about it.


DSC_3494 copy

That is a moment in time that I always talk about that probably will never be duplicated again.

We all had a good time even if the races never got started. Hope you enjoy the photos.