A Word Of The Week Challenge – Pink

Sept. 1,2013

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Life: Pedicure for Men

Men!!  Women are getting all the best treatment.  Is it because men think that pedicures  are strictly for women or sissies . Well it isn’t!  Men need to take care of  their feet too.

In a medical journal that I read recently, it claimed that more and more men have feet problems. People that have diabetes should have a pedicure  at least every 4 to 6 weeks. Let the pedicurist know not to knick or cut your feet. As we get older it becomes harder to cut are own toe nails. I’ve seen a lot of older people with some horrible toe nails and feet. How ugly it looks to have someone in sandals men or women and their heals full of cracks and calluses.  I know that this is a personal thing and an embarrassing conversation and rightly so.  I went to a podiatrist because I’m a diabetic, to have my feet checked and nails clipped. I think the bill was very expensive not sure exactly what it cost but I remember saying, Wow! When I saw the bill. Let me say this, it’s a lot cheaper to go have a pedicure. Besides the doctor did not message my feet or my legs.

Several years ago my wife talked me in to getting a pedicure.  I was some what embarrassed having a stranger putting their hands all over my feet or anyone for that matter, not that I had smelly feet. So I went and had a pedicure, a little nervous through most of it. I survived and in reality it felt pretty good. The next time, a few months later, I had another pedicure.  Only this time I sat back and enjoyed it. The pedicurist put pink lotion on my legs and feet, I thought couldn’t she use blue, brown or some manly color, then messaged both my feet and my calves. Most of the manicurist / pedicurist that my wife goes to are Oriental, these are the same people that I go to for a  pedicure . The second time that I went and the lady had finished giving me a pedicure I asked her if she could cook. Told her she could ride along with my wife and I in our motor home and tour the country. Her reply about cooking was “Rice”. I don’t think she wanted to tour USA.

I asked today when I got my pedicure, “How many men come in to have a pedicure per week”.

They replied that maybe around 15 to 20 per week. They have nearly that many women in less than a day and a half.

I was doing a job in Woonsocket, RI  with my best friend and his feet were hurting him all the time. I talked him in to going with me to have a pedicure. He enjoyed it immensely. My friend is like most men and wait until they have problems with their feet. If men would go more often they would not have the problems they have with their feet.

Men treat yourself and have a pedicure, you may like it.     By the way I don’t get polish on my toe nails.


It may have?  Yet our dog probably doesn’t think so..  He rarely gives us any sass. He gives loves unconditionally. He doesn’t hold a grudge..When people ask what kind dog is he, I say in a very low, deep southern draw, “He’s a BAD DOG.” They reply a bad dog?. I say yea a big ass dog. We love him to death.


Cooter showed up at our Motor Home in Augusta,GA, when he was two months old. We didn’t want another dog. We had lost two dogs in just two years a few  years earlier due to thier illnesses. That broke our hearts!  Then along comes this puppy and my wife thought he might be hungry and fed him. He kept running back and forth across the busy street in front of our motor home were we were parked. She was afraid that he would get run over. Nancy put him in our motor home. We decided to give him to a neighbor because we where not ready to rescue another dog. A few weeks later, the neighbor told us he was pretty sick.  Nancy said I’ll be right over to get him. Took him to the vet the next day and found out he had parvo !


Cooter is now six years old and weighs 75 pounds and very much a part of our family.
I’ve been walking behind cooter for six years picking up after him and I think by now I got him figured out. He like to pee on anything thats round like trees, posts, tires, fire hydrants or any other thing thats “around”!

This may sound like your dog and if it does then you know what I’m talking about.