We all have to start somewhere!  Why not with a weeny roast! This is the night before   I  ventured out to Sedona to shoot some pictures.

Weeny Roast

     The view from the highway driving into Sedona was gorgeous .

Going to Sedona

I couldn’t help but stop along the way and start putting my camera into action. Click, Click, Thank God, for digital cameras, although I learned photography on a manual 35mm camera.

Southwest Houses

How could I resist an antique car,especially a Bently. This was on the way to Sedona. It  is amazing when you ventue out and what you’ll see.


Ok, now on to Sedona.  I don’t know how everyone else is but i get excited when I see an area like this. Of course I’ve been to some places that I wish I hadn’t wasted my gas. But this isn’t one of those places.Click, Click!! I got in town and started walking around and looking for some good shots. There are plenty good photos here. So I get busy and start warming up my camera, this place is hot!

I start shooting pictures but I’m looking for that one photo. I stopped in a gallery and saw some really good photographs. I asked the  owner where those pictures were taken. He explained and it was several miles out of town. Turn on this dirt road to the end turn right and go to the end.This is what I got:

Sometimes we have to go a little further to get that good shot.


2 thoughts on “Sedona,AZ

  1. Wow Jim, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Great use of shadow & light. Makes me want to hop in the car & drive over to Sedona right now. haha

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