Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected


We have had quite a few Red Cardinals around our house and my wife loves to watch them and feed them. We did have one that my wife thought was partially blind. It would approach the bird feeders with wings flapping like a humming bird, very slowly, as not to fly into anything. My wife would stand near and nearer to the bird feeders when that bird was near and talk to it. She eventually got to touch the blind bird.

But then we went away for several days and there wasn’t anyone here to feed them,the bird never came back.  We were very sad.

I’m telling you this story because there is a house not far from us that always has buzzards flying around it, setting on the chimney or on the tree at the back of the house.

DSC_3087 copy

DSC_3089 copy

DSC_3091 copy

DSC_3080 copy B


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  1. Love the pictures and words, looks like a very contented life. The horse on top of the roof had me confused for a minute or so. Now following and will return. All the best, Ian.

    • We came into this RV park about dusk on Saturday. Sunday I opened the curtains and saw these horses walking on the roof of that mobile home — ran got my camera and started shooting. it was only a few minutes later the horses were no longer on the roof — they were on a hill on the other side of the mobile home. BUT FOR THAT SPLIT SECOND I THOUGHT THEY WERE ON THE ROOF.

  2. Sorry your birds didn’t come back! I had some nesting in my bush this past spring. I’m hoping they’ll come back next year!

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