Weekly Photo Challenge:On Top

Post a Week                                                                    4/18/2014

I young man sitting on a rock ledge checking out the view of the Grand Canyon. The best seat in the canyon.A Seat With AView 1

Here are two people sitting in the best two people seat in the Grand Canyon checking out the view from their vantage point. Wait a minute that is what I said in the above picture. The truth is that I know photos have more character when there is people in the photograph. I never would have thought I would see anyone sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon but to see the same thing twice in one day blew me away.

I shot a waterfalls in Maui several years ago ,when I was barely starting photography, I entered it into the Los Angeles County Fair and it got an honorable mention. I was told by my instructor that if I had had a person in the photo it would have taken first place in not the Grand Champion. I never forgot that!

Two Brave Souls 2

My wife and I went to watch our granddaughter do her competition cheer. This is not her group – I had trouble with my camera.

DSC_2540 copy

This young lady got to swim and play with the whales. She’s on top of the world  and loves her job.

DSC_1185 copy

I love this photo with two old buzzards sitting on top of a chimney.

DSC_3080 copy B


Weekly Photo Challenge:Unique


I have driven past this house a couple dozen times and it has caught my eye to photograph it. When are son,his wife and our granddaughter were up here a couple of weeks ago,he pointed these to buzzards out to me,

I have gotten up early, for someone whose retired like me 7:00 a m is early,got dressed and drove over to this house to photograph these two old buzzards. They are never there. Four times I repeated that scenario. They only seem to be there when I don’t have my camera.

Today I decided to go check it out about  4:30 p m and whoa they were there and here is my photo of unique.

Two old buzzards warming their backsides up on these cold days.

DSC_3080 copy A

DSC_3080 copy B