Just for Fun Photo:M&M

Every time I see the M&M commercial I think of this photo I took at the M&M Store in Orlando,Florida. We took are granddaughter and her school friend  down to Orlando to go to Disney World and Discovery Cove [to swim with the dolphins]. While there we went to the M&M Store were I shot this picture.

In the M&M commercial on TV the M&M character Says,” I’ll   do most anything but I won’t do that”,  While they are stuffing him in an oven.

So maybe that is what I’m going to name this photo – I won’t do that.

I won’t do that./or MR. RED

Everything M&M Too many choices!

This is my wife helping the girls make up there mind. So many choices – What to do?

While the girls were busy with stuffed toys I was busy looking at NASCAR replicas. Mainly Kyle Bush #18 of course that is the only car that M&M sponsors.

It was a delightful day. Just had to grab one more picture before we left.

Bye Bye blue M&M and Red M&M

Weekly Photo Challenge": Color


DSC_2230   Taffy MachineDSC_2728

This a Packard La Salle ambulance, I think I’m right I938 or 39. I had it written down but I can’t remember where I put it. It’s very rare and very collectable. It was being restored to it’s original condition in a body shop in Augusta,GA on Broad street.




DSCN0772Hatch,NM   We were there for the Hatch chilies festival, this is the harvest of the chilies. Their chilies are sought-after by chefs, stores and individuals across the country. They produce the long johns/slim jims/Anaheim chilies. All of the same as far as I know. Vendors had drums with a lot of small holes in it and they would dump a whole burlap bag of the these long green chilies in the drum and start turning crank handle on the drum, with a torch blazing away began roasting the chilies. We bought a small bag of the roasted chilies- I say small by most other peoples bags and it still was 30 pounds. We put them in freezer bags , gave a lot of them to friends. It was a blast.


This one of my favorite colors.