Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

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My favorite model is Cooter my dog. He appears to be, that is I have a lot of photos of him, from the time we first rescued off the streets when he was only a couple months old. Here he is going through the threshold of a pass through rock.

DSC_0965 copy

Threshold to China or just a gopher..

Granddaughters at the age of Four “4” and Eight “8” the threshold of life and what a better way to start it in Disney World. Watching a parade and seeing all the Disney characters coming down the street. DSC00019 copy

The “Guardian” at the threshold of one of the greatest wonders of the world.  Guardian is the name I gave this rock that overlooks the Grand Canyon. When I took this picture I was thinking that it looked like a statue over looking the canyon that the makers of the canyon put it there. DSC_1483 copy The Guardian of the Canyon

These people are on the threshold of rebuilding their life after Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi Mississippi.

DSC_0698 copy

There are many definitions of threshold and these are just a few of them.


Cheerleading Competition: Middle and High School

Saturday my wife and I  went to Georgia College in Milledgeville,Georgia, where our granddaughter was in the cheerleading competition in the middle school division. We met our son, his wife and our granddaughter at the college.

Our grand daughter is in the Effingham Middle School competition cheer team and the Effingham middle school football cheer team

Middle School Football

DSC_2375 copy

DSC_2394 copy

Middle School Cheerleaders

DSC_2387 copy

We had an opportunity to see her cheer along with her team mates at a foot ball game a couple of weeks ago. She takes cheering very seriously, comes home after school, before she does her homework, and is out on the trampoline practicing her flips.  This is a daily ritual, barely a minute to spare to visit with grandma and grandpa, of course we understand after all she is now twelve.

The years that she would spend hours with us, was a close bonding time. Now at this precious age she has other things on her mind, like spending time with her friends and making new ones.  This Day however, this is competition, this is to see how a team can come together and are judged against other teams. This is for all the brass tacks or should I say for the Gold Trophies. This is their whole world- what they live for- especially at this age and why they have been putting in hours and hours of practice.

I was so disappointed that I didn’t get any pictures of my granddaughters team doing their routines, I had trouble with my camera. We were not allowed to use flash and I couldn’t turn off the flash. Someone finally helped me shut off the flash but to late to take pictures of my granddaughter’s team’s competition.

I was able to take photos of a few other schools.   See below:


Our granddaughter is at the toe of that shoe. Same granddaughter that is in the photo on my blog of “Weekly Photo Challenge Close” where she has her head on grandpa’s shoulder.


The photos below are high school cheerleader.




The great news her school Effingham Middle School got first place of all the middle grade schools,got first place in Lib, which they are doing in this photo and Grand Champion for all of the middle grade schools. We are all so proud of her and the team. What a great bunch of girls!