Weekly Photo Challenge:Dialogue



Checking my photographs for a couple of pictures that speak to each other – This is what I came up with – hope you enjoy them.

DSC00321 copy

DSC00322 copy

While I was trying to get my camera out of the back of my truck, these two elk were banging heads. Just as I got ready to photograph them they quit. It looks like they were talking it over and walked away.

DSC00350 copy

DSC00352 copy



My wife and I spent one month in Cheyenne,WY partly to enjoy the area and partly to have some work done on our motor home. We happened to be there for the state Pumpkin weigh in for the Wyoming State Championship  The winning pumpkin weighed 673lb 16oz. They only have a 90 day growing season.  This is a picture of the guy who won, on the right  and his son sitting on top of this gigantic pumpkin. WOW! I don’t want to be on that diet!   Guess how many pies you can get out of this Pumpkin?  I don’t have any idea how many pies nor would I want the job.

DSC00421 copy 2

While we were there we decided to go to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  It was unbelievably beautiful and the trees were in process of turning their fall colors. We drove towards the summit, 14,259 feet, we turned around some were between  8,000 /10,000 feet.  It was a good thing or we may have missed the elk down in the valley. There was two  male elk doing the ultimate elk fighting championship. I quickly pulled to the side of the road got out, with my camera but it was to late. The show was over and these are the photos that I did get. We where just a little ways out of the park and we saw these mountain sheep or are they goats climbing up the side of the mountain. someone that probably knows more about this national park Is Mike of : “Mike’s Look at Life”


We had a good time in Cheyenne ,WY.  I have lots more photos and adventure stories from the Cheyenne area but that’s for another time.

Thomson River Gorge

DSC00307 copy 2             DSC00308 Fall Colors Rocky MT NP copy

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