Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

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Doing this post gave me an insight of how blessed I  have been the past many years. All of these photos I have done, maybe not in the exact – plane ,hot air balloon, train, river paddle boat, bike race, but it sure was the same motor coach.

Yes I had many occasion to fly in air planes In the Navy and from Los angles to Savannah  two or three times a year.

DSC_2767 copy

I got to fly in a hot air balloon in a festival in Albuquerque, NM

DSC_1770 copy

I rode this train in Bush Gardens in Tampa,FL

DSC_1823 copy

I didn’t ride this paddle boat but I rode the one in Disney Land in Anaheim, California and the paddle boat in Disney World in Orlando,Florida.


DSC_2205 copy

I did ride in a couple of bike races in California.

DSC_2319 copy

If you have been following my blog then you probably know that this is our motor coach that we have been traveling around the United States with.

Yes we have pretty blessed to have done a lot of things and been to a lot of places,met a lot of nice people and made many friends.

One time we spent a week or two in a forestry camp ground on the North side of Mt Lassen National Park. There is a little stream there and I went fishing and met fellow fisherman, struck up a conversation seemed to hit it off. Every day that we were in the park we would meet up and swap fish stories.. One day a fish that I caught I had asked him if he wanted it, He said no, he was saving room in his freezer for the big one that he was going to catch. I replied that I had plenty of room in my freezer when I eat it I’ll tell everyone you caught it.  LOL


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

  1. Motor coach… 😀 Looking at your photos, you have indeed traveled in so many of them. Which one is your favourite to ride in, if you have one? That train looks small though. I’ve ridden in a train like that here in Melbourne, Australia – Puffing Billy – and it moved agonizingly slow. But it was a very scenic ride.

    • Mabel, thank you for your comment. The train in the park was only to shuttle people around the park. My favorite way to travel is our motor home. WE lived in our motor home for the most of fifteen years. We drove from the East Coast to the West Coast – back to the east coast and many points in between. Plus North and South in the United States.

      • That train must be very popular then, since it’s the only one. People must clamour for it. I’ve never seen a motor coach here in Australia – we don’t usually live like that. But to be honest, it looks like a lot of fun. From your story, driving around from the east to west and back sounds like an adventure where you meet many new faces and try new foods.

      • Yes it is Mabel. We have a lot of fine memories and been to many places. I think the one place that took me in awe was the Grand Canyon.
        I started this blog because I use to do a lot of photography. Thank you for commenting

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