Lucky Leaf Clover: Four and A Six Leaf

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Almost a year ago to the day my post was about spring flowers and a lucky four leaf clover. Today I had just picked a six leaf in our back yard. Even as a child I was always lucky to find four leaf clovers.  When most people spend a lot of time looking but come up empty .

Many years ago I lived on a farm and we had some rabbits. My brother and I took them out of their cage and put them in a large clover patch. That was the first year I remember finding my first four leaf clover. I found 32 of them that year. Over time I have found a several  of those lucky gems without really looking for them. I would be walking through  a clover patch – bend over a pick a four leaf clover. I don’t know how many books there are floating around that have one of my four leaf clovers in it that I picked and pressed.

Yesterday I picked another 4 leafier and a SIX  Leaf Clover.  Yes, I said 6 leaf clover.

These are the photos I took of them:

I wanted to try and keep them in good condition for a couple of days, I put them in a coffee cup with some really good water.  I know it’s good water because I also drink it.

DSC_3740 copy

I blew the photo up to show the 6 leaves.

DSC_3741 copy

This photo below I am trying to show the separation of the lower left leaves.

DSC_3742 copy

This may not be a big deal to most people but to someone that has gathered many four leaf clovers over a life span, this one is.This is the only SIX leaf clover I have ever seen. I’ll have to press this so that it will keep; for many years.


3 thoughts on “Lucky Leaf Clover: Four and A Six Leaf

  1. I loved collecting clovers when I was a kid. I didn’t find as many four leafed ones as you did, so maybe I didn’t have as good of luck. You should be sitting like a king now after finding a six leafer. 🙂 Good going, Jim! 🙂

    • Thank you Marsha. I believe that if you can find one in a clover patch that there is probably more in the same patch.
      I think it maybe a genetic thing – no scientific proof. But it has worked for me.This is the same spot that I picked maybe half a dozen from last year.

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