Breast Awareness: Augusta,Georgia 2013

Post on Breast Awareness

I’m not so smart when comes to computers. I do my best but sometimes I make mistakes. Awhile ago I saw that my allowable storage space at word press was getting close to the maximum amount. So I began deleting Photos  in my Media file. It turned out that I had deleted somewhere near a years Post. I tried to go back and restore them but it became very difficult, So I just let it go and continued on. I’m bringing this up because there was one post I felt was important. Which I will redo today. It is on Breast awareness and I just wanted everyone to see that Augusta,GA is aware of it also.

Here is a couple of photos that I took downtown Augusta, Georgia. to bring attention to breast awareness. They have several fountains in town that they turned to PINK. I had the good fortune to pass them along to y’all.

DSC_2805 copy 2

DSC_2803 copy

DSC_2804 copy 2

DSC_2815 copy

It would be nice if no one would ever get cancer. That is not reality.

I have since learned to put my photos through photo shop so that they are not so big ( mb)!

God Bless All.


6 thoughts on “Breast Awareness: Augusta,Georgia 2013

  1. It’s an important issue James. I just wish certain types of cancer didn’t get so much attention whilst other don’t, like prostate cancer for example. So many women harp on about the fact that if men got breast cancer (which they do of course) there’d be more research, more funding etc etc, I’ve heard it many times.
    Well the fact is, men get prostate cancer and there is nothing like the funding or campaign awareness goes on and many men die out of ignorance.. Lets treat all cancers as equal and get proper funding for research into all of them!

  2. I just attended yesterday a funrun as breast awareness campaign. I also wish that no more people get this nasty cancer.
    Thank you for the reminder that we shouldn’t delete media files. I also nearing to finish my storage limit 🙂

    • I found that putting my photos threw photo shop and duplicating them , then using the duplicate photos for the blog requires less storage space. mhdriver

  3. This is a great post, Jim, and leave it to you to do it with class. The fountain is gorgeous, and you have captured it beautifully. I’m sorry that your posts disappeared. Another thing you can do is to purchase the premium package. I did that finally. It cost a little bit, but since I am doing this so much, I decided it was worth the investment. Then you have unlimited storage. But you are right about resizing pictures. I make mine 800X513 for the theme I’m using now. I was doing 600 X400, but they are too small. Then when I save them it gives you a choice of sizes from 12 to 1, and I choose 3. That makes them pretty small, but on the internet, that works.

    On the other topic, I think the Chillbrook has a good point. The problem is that breast cancer events predominately feature the item. When I did a 60 mile walk 5 years ago, they were everywhere. People wore breast hats on their head, bras hung from cars, people wore huge bras over their own clothes. It was out there. Do you think men could put up with their body parts being so exposed. It’s all about publicity and getting the word out, and making it catchy. I don’t know that men could take that, but I’m not a man.

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