A Word A Week Challenge–Herd

A Word In Your Ear  Challenge

We were in Cheyenne, Wyoming awhile back for about a month. Nice place to spent some time, from there many places and thing to do are easy to get to from there.

One day I went to office depot to get something, I don’t even remember what it was. When I came out of the store there was a herd of goats on this little hill right next to a very busy road. I got my camera out and started shooting. Then I got to worrying what if they get out in the road. My heart stared racing as I was moving closer to the road . I was thinking maybe I could just shoo them back so they wouldn’t get ran over and killed. I kept shooting and running towards them. What I notice or appeared that there was no fence between the goats and the road. This made my heart almost pound out of my chest. I had to watch for traffic for my own safety. When I finally got over there I was out of breath. But I got it all on photos.

DSC00287 copy

DSC00288 copy

DSC00289 copy

DSC00290 copy

When I reached the other side of the road I realized that I was more worried than the goats where.

This picture explains why the goats didn’t seemed bothered. You can see by the blurriness that I was out of breath and couldn’t hold the camera still. Thank God nobody got hurt in this drama.

DSC00292 copy



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