Travel Theme: Sweet

I’m showing these cars,etc. because I think they are sweet.  How often have you seen a 1929 Cadillac, a horse drawn buggy, what ever those two cars are and 1939 La Salle Ambulance.

Cadillac 1929

Horse Driven Carriage

Some Older Cars

DSC_2297 copy

DSC_2722 copy

THIS ONE IS A 1939 La Sale Ambulance

DSC_2728 copy

Monaco Windsor 1999 Now this one I can really relate to. I have many hours driving it, sitting in it and sleeping in it. I almost forgot working on it and cleaning it.

DSC00222 copy


7 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Sweet

  1. My husband would love this post. He is out right at this very moment with a friend looking at a very old trailer that they might want to overhaul for his friend’s brother. It looked so terrible on his Facebook, that I wrote, “NO NO NO NO!” They didn’t listen to me. We’ll see if it comes home to roost. I hope not! 🙂

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