A Word A Week Challenge: Unexpected

– A Word A Week –                                               2013/7/20

Two Brave Souls 2

I never expected to see two people sitting on  the edge of these rocks with their legs hanging over, with the canyon being several thousand feet down. I have been to the Grand Canyon a few times but I have never saw this before. Looking at the picture you can see that the person in the foreground is not as comfortable as the other person, see the way he/she is leaning back. I would call  this a moment in time, that is, you may never see this again.


7 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge: Unexpected

    • That is awesome to catch a photo in a place that is so magnificent as that and to add people in at the same time makes the photo more magnificent because it represent a moment in time that can never be duplicated. Great photo. May I also say that rest of your are spectacular. Thank you for responding to my photo. On that trip I ended up with two photos with people sitting on the edge of the cliff. For me I said , “What a jackpot.”

      • Jackpot is right! I loved my photo of Bryce and I loved your photo of the canyon. Thank goodness for the crazy tourists LOL! Thanks for spending time on the blog- look forward to seeing more of your work!

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