Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Season Winter

My wife wanted to go and spend a few days in the snow. We had some friends working and staying at Geneva On The Lake , that’s about 1000 yards off Lake Erie. It was February and it was snowing up there, so we went. There was no running water but my friend had a couple of plastic drums and a pump in the back of his pick-up and that is how we got fresh water while we were there. A few days was all we were going to stay. The first night we ended up with a half inch of ice all the way down the right side of our motor home,the water line froze. The next morning we put a small electric heater in the bay were the water line was frozen ,it thawed out in a few hours. That night it snowed and the next night and the next night. We got to stay there for 2 1/2 weeks before the roads were cleared off. It was an experience to remember.

This is are photos from that trip. It definitely was pretty and my dog had fun hopping through the snow.


DSC_0930 copy

DSC_0935 copy


6 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Season Winter

    • Fergie, It was very cold. It was a change for us because we have been following the nice weather for years. A few times we got caught in bad weather, tornado out of Oklahoma City and the trip up to Geneva On The Lake, Ohio, That is were all the snow pictures where taken. My wife said let the dog run loose – He won’t go very far. Are you kidding he was, like a snow rabbit hopping through the snow, he loved it.. We had to go chase him down. Cooter [our dog] loves Todd [our friend we were visiting] Todd got in his truck to look for Cooter.he heard his truck and came running. We got our dog back – but – Todd got his truck stuck in the snow and had to be pulled out.. We were there for 2 & 1/2 weeks and had a good time. Thank you for asking. I hope I didn’t bore you with this story.

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